Trakindo Says The Wheel Of The Country's Economy Is Turning Again, Agree?
Illustration. (Photo: Doc. Antara)

JAKARTA - A number of business sectors such as agriculture, plantations and agribusiness, construction/infrastructure, as well as mining and energy which since last year have shown positive indications have been pushed back to turn the wheels of the Indonesian economy back.

"The challenge is how to ensure that the industrial sector can perform efficiency in its performance to get maximum results in the midst of various restrictions that occur, because the pandemic is not completely over," said Trakindo Product Manager Desman Tambunan, in a written statement, quoted from Antara, Tuesday, September 21.

The company, he said, believed that the industrial sector needed support and the right strategy to be able to spearhead the economic recovery that Indonesia now needs.

To support the industrial sector in reorganizing its business performance, the Cat heavy equipment solution company in Indonesia released the latest hydraulic excavator in the 23 ton class, the Cat 323 GC.

The product is a machine solution to increase productivity with easy-to-use controls, a comfortable cab, capable of driving fuel savings of up to 25 percent, and service intervals that reduce maintenance costs by up to 20 percent – all to provide the end result of lower manufacturing costs.

In the midst of this pandemic situation, to maintain the safety of all workers, sometimes operational activities cannot be carried out optimally, it is even possible to have to stop for a moment, if a team is exposed or has to undergo independent isolation.

"To anticipate this, the speed of production and employment is the key so that the industrial sector does not lose profits, in this kind of situation the presence of excavators with high productivity will be able to be a solution," he said.

This reliable performance is obtained from an increase in swing torque of up to 10 percent. This excavator also improves operator visibility with a rear view camera to increase the safety factor in operation. Its operation is also quite easy, because it is equipped with a start push button and an operator id function that can save the security settings of each operator.

The presence of this excavator is once again a form of the company's contribution to the development of Indonesia, as has been a commitment since its establishment in December 1970.

"Of course we hope that with the support of heavy equipment that is able to maintain efficiency and improve performance, the industrial sector will be able to re-drive the wheels of the national economy, so that it can create prosperity for the whole community," said Desman.

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