Viral On Twitter, Garuda Indonesia Wants To Be Reduced While Citilink Is Raised, Really?
Garuda Indonesia aircraft. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

JAKARTA - Rumors circulated that PT Garuda Indonesia Tbk would expand its low cost carrier (LCC) business through PT Citilink Indonesia. The plan was revealed to the public after it was crowded on social media as a result of a meeting between Garuda Indonesia's management and Citilink Indonesia, the Citilink Pilots Association (APIC), and the Citilink Cabin Crew Association (ACCI).

Quoted from a Twitter account called @txtdaridgmbk, one of the results of the meeting was that Garuda would be reduced, while its subsidiary, Citilink, would be raised.

"The management has decided that PT Citilink Indonesia will be enlarged and PT Garuda Indonesia will be reduced," the meeting noted, quoted Wednesday, September 15.

This step has been initiated by the management of Garuda Indonesia by canceling the order for 66 Airbus aircraft. Instead, the company ordered a fleet of 20 Airbus A320 aircraft which would later be used by Citilink.

In response to this, the President Director of Garuda Indonesia, Irfan Setiaputra, regretted the circulation of the minutes. In fact, a number of plans for Citilink are only a matter of internal discussion.

"It was a discussion. An internal discussion without minutes," he told VOI, Wednesday, September 15.

Previously, the issuer with the stock code GIAA had raised its objection to the circulation of the contents of the ACCI minutes. The reason is, they said that the September 1 meeting was a discussion activity and there were no minutes of the results of the meeting.

The objection was conveyed directly in a letter addressed to APIC and ACCI, and copied to the board of commissioners of Citilink Indonesia and the board of directors, as well as the Garuda Indonesia Pilots Association (APG). There are three points of objection submitted by the management of Garuda Indonesia, namely:

- First, Garuda objected to the ACCI minutes circulating and sourced from the Minutes of Meeting (MoM) published by APIC.

- Second, the meeting is a discussion activity and there are no minutes of the meeting.

- Third, if the results of the discussion meeting are to be recorded in a note, the contents listed must be confirmed and approved by all parties present at the meeting, by placing the contents of the discussion/discussion results by the parties in sequential order of writing.

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