JAKARTA - Investment Minister/Head of the Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) Bahlil Lahadalia ensured that residents on Pulau Rempang would not be relocated to Galang Island.

Instead, it will be shifted to Tanjung Banon.

Tanjung Banon itself is a village that is still in the island of Rempang, Batam, Riau Islands.

As is known, residents of Pulau Rempang will be relocated due to the construction of the National Startgis Project (PNS) of Rempang Eco City on Pulau Rempang, Batam, Riau Islands.

"We move it to Tanjung Banon, it's still in Rempang, only 3 kilometers (km). Most of our brothers and sisters are marine livelihoods, so the sea is the same, only shifted," Bahlil said at a press conference at the BPKM Office, Jakarta, Monday, September 25.

Bahlil revealed that many residents of Pulau Rempang did not have land certificates.

Even so, the government will provide compensation for the shift in residential areas.

Later, continued Bahlil, residents who move will be given a certificate of ownership (SHM) of land in Tanjung Banon.

"So the basis for the rights of those who have lived there for generations does not exist, I am also surprised. So then I conveyed to them that the compensation obtained first got 500 square meters of land in Tanjung Banon which was in Rempang, that was a certificate immediately," said Bahlil.

In addition, Bahlil said, residents who were transferred to Tanjung Banon will also build landed houses with a value of Rp120 million.

However, continued Bahlil, if the previous house had a value of more than Rp120 million, the government would add compensation money.

"BP Batam uses KJPP as an independent institution to calculate. If it is true that he is Rp. 500 million, then we will give Rp. 120 million that has been given, meaning we will add another Rp. 380 million. So no one is harmed," said Bahlil.

In fact, said Bahlil, if the residents affected by the relocation but their houses have not been completed, they will receive compensation of Rp. 1.2 million.

"Regarding them when the house shifted not yet, it got Rp1.2 million per person, and the house contract money was Rp1.2 million. So if there are 4 families, it means 4 times Rp1.2 million, Rp4.8 million. That's Rp4.8 million already above the UMR. Plus 1 family, Rp1.2 million, so actually Rp6 million plus house rental money," he said.

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