Madiun City Government Allocation Rp8.6 Billion For Market Vendor Subsidy
Mayor of Madiun Maidi. (Photo: Doc. ANTARA)

MADIUN - The City Government (Pemkot) of Madiun, East Java, has budgeted Rp8.6 billion for subsidies directly to traditional market traders who sell food commodities that contribute to inflation.

Mayor Madiun Maidi said the subsidy was given as an effort by the Madiun City Government to reduce the inflation rate and traders could sell goods at producer prices, so that people's purchasing power was maintained.

"Subsidies are provided so that the price of basic necessities is more affordable for the community," said Mayor Maidi, quoted from Antara, Sunday, October 2.

He explained that the amount of subsidies provided varies, ranging from Rp. 2,000 to Rp. 15,000 per kilogram depending on the commodity food ingredients sold.

There are eight commodities or basic ingredients that get the subsidy, namely medium rice, sugar, packaged cooking oil, chicken eggs, chilies, shallots, garlic, and chicken meat.

"Not only traders in Pasar Besar Madiun. But also other markets such as Sleko. Also, outlets located far from the market," he explained.

To anticipate violations, the Trade Service officers have formed an Inflation Task Force team for supervision.

In addition, the relevant agencies have also put up a price tag along with the amount of subsidies in front of the merchant's sales booth.

Thus, the price submitted to the buyer according to the listed on the board and the buyer can also monitor the price.

"If there is a violation, I will be penalized by traders not to sell for a month," said Mayor Maidi.

Through these efforts, Maidi hopes that the residents of Madiun City can get basic necessities at affordable prices and that traders will not be harmed because they have received it from the Madiun City Government subsidy.

"I monitor this every day. Hopefully, our inflation will not rise and remain under control," he said.

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