PLN Cancels The Electricity Composite Program, Fahira Idris: Right And Wise Decree
Illustration (Photo: Doc. Antara)

JAKARTA - Member of Committee II DPD, Fahira Idris assessed, the decision of PT PLN (Persero) to cancel the 3-kilogram (kg) LP gas stove conversion program to electricity is the right step.

"Currently, people are trying to get up and move the wheels of the economy after more than two years of being hit by the COVID-19 pandemic," Fahira said as quoted by Antara, Thursday, September 29.

According to him, the cancellation of the electric stove program is good news for the public.

In a current situation, he said, especially because the impact of the pandemic is still very much felt and the price of subsidized fuel has been increased, ideally the government should not take policies that in the end burden the community.

"I appreciate and thank the Government and to PLN. The decision to cancel this program is a policy that is right and wise," he said.

This member of Committee II of the DPD RI in charge of energy hopes that, with the cancellation of the LPG stove conversion program to the electric stove, the government will immediately complete a database of 3 kg LPG gas recipients so that they are right on target as well as improving operational management and distribution supervision from upstream to downstream.

"There must be a new formulation for the 3 kg LPG distribution pattern, which ideally uses a closed distribution pattern, so as to avoid the transfer of non-subsidized LPG users to subsidies," he said.

On the other hand, regarding oversupply of electricity, according to Fahira, the government must look for a new strategy so that this excess electricity is absorbed optimally by the industrial and business sectors, not households through an electric stove program.

In addition, it is necessary to immediately realize a balancing program between regions experiencing a surplus of electricity and areas experiencing an electrical deficit in Indonesia so that the current excess of electricity can be absorbed.

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