Sri Mulyani Sudden Alludes to Data Security and Cyber Security Issues, Due to Bjorka Attack?
Finance Minister Sri Mulyani (Photo: Screenshot of G20 digital channel)

JAKARTA - Minister of Finance, Sri Mulyani, emphasized that the Indonesian government is very serious about encouraging increased growth that comes from digital activities. According to her, this could be a very decisive sector in the direction of national economic development.

"The digital economy can be a potential source for future growth", she said when she was a keynote speaker at the G20 forum entitled Fostering Agility to Combat Money Laundering and Economic Crime, Wednesday, September 28.

However, the state treasurer stated that this would not necessarily run easily. The reason is, there are several dynamics that the government must resolve to dig deeper into the potential of the 4.0 technology-based industry.

“There are several challenges in developing the digital economy in Indonesia, such as cyber security which is very important. Then the protection of consumer data is also quite critical", she said.

Not only that, but the Minister of Finance also highlighted the problem of inequality in network services in the country.

"We see that there are several other challenges, namely the uneven internet access that exists in various regions, making connectivity not comprehensive", she said.

Despite being faced with many challenges, the Minister of Finance believes that Indonesia can continue to grow strongly. This indication can be seen from Indonesia's position as the country with the largest digital economy value in Southeast Asia in 2021 with an estimated 70 billion US dollars.

"This could even increase to 120 billion US dollars in 2025", she said.

As the editors have reported recently, the issue of cyber security and data protection in Indonesia has been under criticism since the anonymous hacker Bjorka shared confidential information with the public.

Not only people's personal data, but Bjorka is also strongly suspected of having several important state documents that should not be leaked to other parties.

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