Prioritize Customer Security, BRI Sambut Either Ratification Of Personal Data Protection Law
Illustration (Photo: Doc. Antara)

JAKARTA - PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (BRI) expressed full support for the ratification of the Personal Data Protection Law (PDP) by the DPR some time ago.

BRI Director of Digital and Information Technology, Arga M. Nugraha, said the presence of the regulation was an effort to strengthen regulations in the data security aspect.

Menurut dia, hal tersebut juga diharapkan dapat semakin meningkatkan kepercayaan nasabah terhadap berbagai layanan keuangan.

Data security is a very important aspect for banks because it is a mandate entrusted by customers. For this reason, BRI takes steps to ensure the security of customer personal data, in line with several government regulations and regulators," he said in a press statement quoted Wednesday, September 28.

Agra added that this new rule is a special milestone for the company to issue internal policies, including obligations and sanctions for workers as well as partners and vendors in maintaining data, as well as the establishment of the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) organ.

"In addition, we also carry out strengthening in terms of network security equipment and the use of technology such as the Loss Prevention (DLP) Data. Network security assessment and penetration testing are also still being carried out to always increase vigilance," he said.

Agra added, BRI as the largest bank in Indonesia in terms of assets, prioritizes collaboration between institutions, including cross-industry regulators, to exchange knowledge and information to ward off crime modes.

We need to do this so that the benefits of strengthening systemic resilience are obtained by all industries. Cyber crime has been carried out collectively and in an organized manner, it is natural for us to do the same as part of the defensive measures of the financial services industry, he said.

In addition, Arga stated that BRI is also proactively conducting personal data security education to BRILian Personnel (BRI Workers) and the public.

We continue to educate workers and customers on how to make secure transactions. These educations are carried out through various media, including through BRI's official social media, mass media, and education to customers when customers come to branch offices," he concluded.

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