This Is The Goal Of Tasty Snack To Reach The Market In Indonesia
Photo: Doc. Tasty Snacks Indonesia

JAKARTA - Tasty Snack Indonesia is an e-commerce platform that sells snacks and drinks with more than 200 popular and unique snack variants from abroad, especially from Asian countries, such as Japan, Korea, Singapore, Thailand and others. Tasty Snack Indonesia is an expansion of Tasty Snack Asia based in Singapore.

The beginning of the establishment of Tasty Snack Asia in April 2020, because Elaine Soh (Founder) saw a change in people's consumption patterns as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The habit of people shopping for snacks in supermarkets has turned into online shopping because of the need to keep their distance and avoid crowds in public places.

In addition, the policy of limiting community activities during the peak period of the COVID-19 pandemic has also further strained relations between relations. As a bridge to re-glue relationships, people send goods to each other as a form of attention. Therefore, Tasty Snack also has a wide selection of snack gift boxes equipped with personal greeting cards and Spotify song lists that you can listen to while enjoying snacks. After 2 years of operating in Singapore and becoming a partner for many well-known companies such as UOB, Shopee, Walt Disney, Toyota, as well as more than 250 other companies, Tasty Snak has been expanding to Indonesia since May 2022, through the platform.

Jenny, CEO of Tasty Snack Indonesia, said that his party sees huge potential in Indonesia, with a market that is still growing positively.

"In 2021, snack distribution growth in Indonesia will reach 8 percent and is predicted to grow 6 percent in 2022. Especially online snack sales have the potential for growth to even reach 25 percent for the next 5 years, in line with the increase in online shopping transactions nationally," said Jenny, in her statement, Sunday, August 21.

In addition, he continued, Indonesian snack consumers are dominated by millennials with an age range of 18-34 years, who are active users of social media, so they get a lot of information about trends in food or snack products both from within and outside the country.

"They are also not afraid to try new and unique things, so they are a very potential target market," he explained. Jenny hopes that the presence of Tasty Snack Indonesia will meet consumer needs for unique, popular and trending snacks. Tasty Snack also has exclusive snacks that are only marketed through our website, namely YUM Keripik Tempe, YUM Emping and YUM Kerupuk Shrimp, which are original Indonesian products and have obtained HALAL certification.

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