Good News For The People Of Indonesia, Social Assistance 2023 Will Be Given More Often And With Greater Value
Screenshot of Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani during a press conference on the Financial Note and the 2023 State Budget Bill. (Photo: VOI/Andry Winanto)

JAKARTA – Minister of Finance (Menkeu) Sri Mulyani said that the government will most likely provide social assistance (bansos) to the community starting in 2023. Not only that, the state treasurer also revealed that the value of the social assistance grant could be greater than that received this year.

"Perhaps the amount, month or amount of benefits can be added if there is a need to provide support to the community," he said when holding a press conference on Tuesday, August 16.

According to the Minister of Finance, the government will still use the same aid distribution scheme as this year. Even so, the option of distributing social assistance specifically, such as cooking oil assistance and street vendor subsidies, is still possible in accordance with developments that occurred at that time.

"The social assistance is not new, except like yesterday there was a cooking oil social assistance or assistance for street vendors during the rise in COVID-19 cases. Next year, the form will not be in the form of a new scheme, but rather follow the current social assistance design, such as the PKH (Hope Family Program) and basic necessities, which we will continue to use on the platform," he said.

In the 2023 State Budget Bill presented by President Jokowi today, it is known that the government has prepared a social protection budget (perlinsos) of IDR 479.1 trillion to help the poor and vulnerable next year.

Meanwhile, the total state expenditure in 2023 is allocated Rp3,041.7 trillion, with details of the central government spending Rp2,230 trillion and transfers to the regions Rp811.7 trillion.

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