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JAKARTA - The nearest building shop is one part of a business ecosystem in the construction sector.

This business is indeed very profitable because the community's need for building materials is quite high.

Even so, competition in the construction business is also not easy. Slightly different from other businesses, in the field of construction of strong trust with clients or customers must be built and formed.

This will have a direct impact on the popularity of your business in the construction world such as the nearest building shop. Common Difficulties Facing the nearest building shop

Of course, as with other businesses, businesses in the construction sector, especially the nearest building shop, also have their own problems.

Here are some common problems that are often faced by the business of a building material store or depot:

1. Marketing is quite difficult

Marketing in any business is not easy, especially in the building material supplier business. This is because, in general, the community and contractors already have suppliers or customers, making it difficult for new players to enter.

But lately, the building materials business has begun to move towards digital, because marketplaces or online stores have also begun to penetrate this one business.

That way the store or depot can market their products online and will be seen directly by contractors and the public.

Contractors and the public will easily find a shop or building materials depot based on their location. This makes the store or depot not need to spend a lot of money on promotions, it can even cost nothing at all.

2. Intense price competition

One of the factors that affect the price of a product is because of the promotions carried out, including in the building materials business. Especially for new players, this makes price competition quite difficult for shops or building material depots.

However, with the presence of a special marketplace for the nearest building shop, such, this problem can be solved.

Stores or depots can save on their promotional costs and only need to post their products at the best price they can offer.

3. Arrangement of goods that actually make it difficult for customers

Arranging products or goods in a store is indeed a difficulty in itself, including in the nearest building store. With so many types and quantities of products to be sold, it is difficult for owners to arrange them based on priorities and popularity.

Even the arrangement of products that are not suitable can also make the shop or depot quiet. But this problem can also be solved because all products can be displayed digitally on the application. Customers will find it easier to find the desired product.

4. Less strategic location

Another problem that is generally faced is the location of the store which is not strategic.

Stores or depots that are located far from a construction project may not be noticed by contractors or the public.

Even though they may have the products they need at competitive prices. However, with online marketing via this problem can be solved.

5. Late payments or installments

In the building materials business, the problem of accounts payable or payment in installments is not a new thing.

Especially when dealing with contractors who buy in large quantities, late payments are common.

Advantages of Construction Marketplaces Like

The presence of a marketplace in the construction world is a breath of fresh air in this business. Because now buying and selling online can also be done for various types of building materials.

Even so, the popularity of this marketplace must continue to be echoed, because there are still many people, contractors and shops or building material depots who don't know about it.

Though its existence can provide several benefits such as:

1. Reach more customers

As previously mentioned, by selling through an online marketplace, the nearest supplier or building store can reach a wider market.

In addition to being able to participate in marketing the marketplace, of course the marketplace will also promote its platform to the wider community.

Especially with the online shopping trend that is now increasingly in demand, of course this is expected to also happen to the building materials business. Customers can search for the products they need online without having to come to the physical store.

So for businesses such as the nearest building shop, the location problem is no longer a major problem. Because wherever the location is, it can be easily seen by the wider community, especially contractors.

2. Higher level of consumer confidence

Another advantage of the marketplace in general is a higher level of consumer trust. Because, the marketplace has the image of a practical and safe online shopping place.

Of course, this image will also be attached to shops or building material depots that join in marketing their products on the marketplace.

Meanwhile, if a store or depot wants to create an online store or its own website, of course it will take a lot of time to gain customer trust.

Not to mention the costs needed to make it and also the promotional costs that must be spent at the beginning, of course it will be easier to join an existing marketplace

3. Increase sales

By marketing their building material products online through the marketplace, shops or depots, they can increase their sales. Because with a high level of public trust in the marketplace, it allows you to reach a wider range of customers.

In addition to the marketplace party who will promote the store and its products, you can also participate in promoting it to further expand the target market.

Of course, the easier it is for the nearest building store to be found, it will also increase its sales, not to mention offline sales.

4. Easier product management

With the construction marketplace, the nearest building shop only needs to post their products as attractive and detailed as possible with the best prices they can offer.

In this online store, you don't have to worry about product arrangement, because in digital form it makes it easier for consumers to find the items they want.

So you can take advantage of the existing store area to place only a few product samples or goods, no need to remove all stock from the warehouse.

Because, customers or consumers can see what goods or products are available in your store through the marketplace.

5. Easier management

Managing an online store in a marketplace can also be easier. You only need to visit the website or download the application then you can start selling your products.

To be able to create your own online store, you only need to register and fulfill several requirements that are not difficult. Here you don't have to bother spending your own money to create a website or online store.

You only need to post detailed and attractive products with the best competitive prices.

The presence of can be a breath of fresh air for shop owners or building materials depots to market their products.

The wider community and especially contractors will find it easier to find your shop or product for the purposes of their construction projects. (ADV)

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