Opens 400th Store In Labuan Bajo, One Price Concept Becomes MR.DIY's Strategy To Compete With Competitors
President Director of MR.DIY Indonesia, Cyril Noerhadi. (Photo: Doc. MR.DIY)

JAKRTA - MR.DIY, as the largest and most comprehensive household appliance retail store brand has been present in Indonesia for five years. During that time, MR.DIY continued to rapidly increase the number of its stores. In fact, the company has just added its 400th store in Labuan Bajo, in NTB.

President Director of MR.DIY Indonesia, Cyril Noerhadi explained, the company is committed to prioritizing consumers through innovation and dynamic business processes in order to present a variety of quality products at affordable prices in accordance with the company's motto 'always low prices' or 'always frugal'.

In addition, Cyril said one of the company's strategies to be able to compete with similar retail stores is to carry the concept of one price that applies throughout Indonesia.

“One price or the same price in all stores in Indonesia is indeed our strategy. So for example, a customer comes to buy battery water, the price is Rp. 13,500, all shops have the same price,” he said during the 'Thank You Indonesia, 400th Store Opening Celebration', at SCBD, Jakarta, Wednesday, August 10.

Cyril said, with this one-price strategy, the aim is that consumers can always shop at the same price anywhere.

"For example, when you are traveling, you want to buy something, you don't ask why the price is different," he said.

On this occasion, Cyril said that MR.DIY had just opened its 400th store in Labuan Bajo, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB). This shop is the 4th in NTB.

"This consistent and significant addition of stores is expected to be able to realize MR.DIY's commitment to be closer to Indonesian families," he said.

Meanwhile, MR.DIY's Chief Operating Officer, Sanny Hartono said as a form of gratitude to the entire community, MR.DIY presented the 'Thank You Indonesia' campaign by providing support for the Indonesian government's 'Proud of Indonesia' program during the month of August.

"In addition to providing low prices every day, especially on this independence day, we present savings promos of up to 30 percent for selected Indonesian-made products throughout the month of August," said Sanny.

MR.DIY also recently accepted MURI as the home appliance retail store with the most branches, which consistently offers the same low-cost prices from Sabang to Merauke for various household appliances for Indonesian families.

For your information, MR.DIY is the largest retail company in Southeast Asia for household goods with more than 2,000 stores in Asia and Europe including Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei, Philippines, Cambodia, India, Turkey and Spain.

All MR.DIY stores are managed directly by the company and collaborate with major retailers, mall owners and other property owners. MR.DIY stores offer product variants of around 18,000 types of products which are divided into 10 major categories, namely household appliances and furniture; electrical equipment; stationery and sports; tools; and other categories of equipment such as children's toys; car accessories; jewellery; and cosmetics.

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