Landslide Material Evacuation Completed, Pangrango Bogor-Sukabumi Train Operates Again
A series of train carriages (KA) Pangrango crossing Sukabumi - Bogor (PP). (Photo: ANTARA)

JAKARTA - The avalanche evacuation and sterilization of the railway line (KA) at KM 38+5 between Cibadak-Parungkuda Stations has been completed by the infrastructure team of PT KAI Daop 1 Jakarta on Monday 20 June at 23:55 WIB.

Through inspection and monitoring of the rail line at the location declared safe by the officers, the operation of the Pangrango train on Tuesday, June 21 will resume normal operations.

"The public can again take advantage of the Pangrango train journey, both from Sukabumi and from Bogor," said Head of Public Relations of PT KAI Daop 1 Jakarta, Eva Chairunisa in an official statement, Tuesday, June 21.

Eva representing PT KAI Daop 1 Jakarta expressed her gratitude to those who had helped in the evacuation of this avalanche.

"Our appreciation goes to the surrounding community who have swiftly reported an avalanche on the rail line so that we can handle it quickly," he added.

Previously, during the route evacuation process, service users who had purchased tickets and their trips were canceled were allowed to cancel and the ticket fee was returned 100 percent according to the ticket price.

Eva said that ticket fees could be refunded at the nearest station counter that serves Pangrango train trips.

"The return process can be carried out for up to 14 days so that service users who have purchased tickets do not need to rush to the station for the cancellation process," he concluded.

The following is the departure schedule for the Pangrango train from Bogor Station and Sukabumi Station:

1. Departure from Bogor Station

- Departs 08.20 WIB, arrives in Sukabumi 10.30 WIB - Departs 14.20 WIB, arrives at Sukabumi 16.30 WIB - Departs 19.50 WIB, arrives in Sukabumi 22.00 WIB

2. Departure from Sukabumi Station

- Departs 05.30 WIB, arrives in Bogor 07.34 WIB - Departs 11.25 WIB, arrives in Bogor 13.29 WIB - Departs 17.25 WIB, arrives in Bogor 19.29 WIB

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