After Anang Hermansyah Made ASIX, Now It's Putri Yusuf Mansur's Turn To Be Ready To Release Crypto I-COIN: Indonesia's Coin
Wirda Mansur's Instagram screenshot. (Photo: Doc. Special)

JAKARTA - Not finished with Anang Hermansyah's ASIX token, now the public will be shocked by the plan to issue a crypto token belonging to Wirda Mansur.

The daughter of the preacher Yusuf Mansur plans to release the I-COIN crypto token this month. In fact, he said, the presale of Wirda's crypto could start today (Monday, February 14).

"In February 2022, God willing, I will launch a new Crypto token. I-COIN. Indonesia Coin, Coinnya Indonesia immediately developed 3. Metaverse, Game, & NFT MARKETPLACE... that's what wants to be the next @ghozaliphoto 😂," wrote Wirda on his Instagram page with the account name @wirda_mansur.

Wirda said that the plan is one of the futures of millennials. According to him, young people must be willing to jump in and familiarize themselves with technological sophistication.

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"Because if you don't, you can lag far behind the others," said Wirda.

He also added that his efforts could serve as an example for young people, not only as users, but also as creators. "It has to be true.

Until this news aired, Wirda Mansur's upload had received more than 13 thousand likes.

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