Ministry Of PUPR Ready To Build Kolhua Dam In NTT
Minister of PUPR Basuki Hadimuljono/ANTARA DOCUMENTATION

JAKARTA - The Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing or PUPR is ready to build the Kolhua Dam in 2022 in order to support the availability of raw water in Kupang City, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT).

PUPR Minister Basuki Hadimuljono said the availability of water was the key to development in NTT, which has lower rainfall than other areas.

“The construction of dams must also be followed by the construction of irrigation networks. Thus the dam that was built at a large cost can be beneficial because the water is ensured to flow to the farmers' rice fields. In addition to the use of irrigation services, the dam is also expected to serve the community's domestic water needs through the construction of a raw water network and a Water Treatment Plant (IPA)," Minister Basuki said in a written statement quoted by Antara, Monday, January 31.

In order to support the food security and water availability program in NTT Province, the Ministry of PUPR increased the number of water reservoirs by building the Kolhua Dam in Kupang City. The feasibility study has been completed, currently in the process of implementing the EIA study and design certification with the construction implementation plan to be carried out in TA. 2022.

Administratively, Kolhua Dam is located in Kolhua Village, Maulafa District with a land requirement of 118.86 hectares. The water source for the dam comes from the Liliba River with an area of 22.83 kilometers of watershed.

The Kolhua Dam is designed to have a capacity of 6.64 million cubic meters with an inundation area of 69.76 hectares to support the need for raw water in Kupang City of 150.5 liters/second.

The Kolhua Dam is also projected to be used as flood control infrastructure for the downstream area of Kupang City by reducing flooding by 304.53 cubic meters / second, the potential for Micro Hydro Power Plants (PLTMH), and potential urban tourism destinations.

The Kolhua Dam is the 7th dam built by the Ministry of PUPR in NTT Province since 2015. Previously, the President of the Republic of Indonesia Joko Widodo had completed and inaugurated the Raknamo Dam in Kupang Regency in 2018, the Rotiklot Dam in Belu Regency in 2019, and the Napun Gete Dam in the Kupang Regency. Sikka in 2021.

Furthermore, the completion of the Manikin Dam in Kupang Regency is also being carried out with progress of 33.54 percent, the Temef Dam in South Central Timor Regency 49.08 percent, and the Mbay Dam in Nagekeo Regency 1.42 percent.

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