Anies Is Proud Of The JIS Which Was First Initiated By Foke
DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan (Photo: Instagram @aniesbaswedan)

JAKARTA - The Governor of DKI Jakarta Anies Baswedan once again held the Jakarta International Stadium (JIS). Anies is very proud of the international standard stadium which was first initiated by the Governor of DKI Fauzi Bowo in 2008.

Through his Instagram account, Anies said that 93 percent of the JIS construction has been completed. The post has also become a conversation because some think the Governor is responding to the criticisms of the PSI General Chair, Giring Ganesha.

"Spectacular! Seeing the performance of Nidji's band during the JIS sound system test last night, while inspecting 93 percent of the completion of the stadium construction. The music was blaring, the voice was melodious, there were no discordance," said Anies.

The former Minister of Education and Culture is often proud of the JIS development. Late last year, for example, he invited the residents of DKI Jakarta to visit JIS in droves. Because these facilities, said Anies, were built from Jakarta residents' taxes.

Jakarta International Stadium (JIS) (Photo: Diah Ayu/VOI)

"JIS is pride for the citizens of Jakarta. This is financed through tax money from all Jakarta residents. So, it is not a gift from company A, company B, but this is a big work from Jakarta people's taxes and we can be grateful, we can be proud," said Anies 12 December last year.

Anies said that the JIS development is a massive project. How not, Anies said that the project, which has been working since 2019, involves at least 4,000 workers. He also explained how one of the tough jobs, namely the removal of a steel roof truss weighing 3,900 tons, had been successfully completed.

"This is a massive process that requires more than just hard work, but full of knowledge work, work full of accuracy, full of planning. We can say that this is an amazing project from 2019 to 2021."

Initiated by Foke

Quoting the December 10, 2008 edition of Kompas Daily, the idea for this development stemmed from a plan from the DKI Provincial Government during the era of Governor Fauzi Bowo or Foke, to turn BMW Park into a sports stadium. To prepare it, the DKI Provincial Government has evict illegal buildings in the period August and October 2008.

There were about 200 wild huts that were forcibly torn down. The rubble of the building was burned by the security and order officials of the DKI Provincial Government.

After "clearing" the land, construction began in 2009. The football stadium will be built with a capacity to accommodate around 40,000 spectators.

In addition, sand volleyball and sand football fields will be built for official events, as well as two open fields built for the general public. While the lake in BMW Park will also be addressed to support water skiing.

The construction of the forerunner stadium of JIS was not without obstacles. Still quoted by Kompas, in 2010 the plan to build a stadium in BMW Park was hampered by a land ownership dispute.

Resident Donald Guilame Wolfe claims to own part of the BMW Park land. He admitted that the land was inherited from his parents. They then asked for compensation for the land before the stadium was built. Development was delayed.

Fauzi Bowo (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)
Jokowi re-launched

Then in 2014, President Joko Widodo, while still serving as the Governor of DKI Jakarta, May 28, 2014, again launched the construction of a stadium in BMW Park. At that time, Jokowi said the DKI Provincial Government would finalize the land before construction began.

Meanwhile, the issue of land certificates at BMW Park, which had a polemic, was managed by the DKI Provincial Government. However, until Jokowi became president, the construction of the BMW stadium did not go ahead.

After winning a land dispute lawsuit in June 2015, and pocketing a usufructuary certificate issued on August 18, 2017, Governor Djarot Saiful Hidayat re-launched the BMW stadium. However, as before, the development has not yet been realized.

Until March 14, 2019, Governor Anies Baswedan followed the steps of his two predecessors to build an international class stadium. The DKI Provincial Government had received a land dispute lawsuit from PT Buana Permata Hijau over the two certificates that were pocketed.

Even so, the DKI Provincial Government has again filed an intervention appeal to the Jakarta State Administrative High Court (PTTUN). PTTUN Jakarta granted the appeal on September 30, 2019. And the construction of the JIS continues to this day.

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