Perpetrators Are Suspected Of Using An AK-47 Or SS1 Assault Rifle To Pierce The Panton Reue Police Post, West Aceh
Police show the damaged part of the wall of the police post suspected of being shot (ANTARA)

ACEH - West Aceh Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Andrianto Argamuda said no one was shot or injured during the attack at the Manggi Village Police Post, Panton Reue Police Station, West Aceh, Thursday, October 28.

The attack was carried out by an unknown person at around 03.15 WIB. "Thank God no officers were victims," said Andrianto in Meulaboh, West Aceh Regency, Antara, Thursday afternoon.

He said the suspect was thought to have used two firearms when he strafed the police post.

Based on evidence of bullet casings found by officers around the scene, said the police chief, the firearms allegedly used by the perpetrators were AK-47 and SS1 or M-16 assault rifles.

"But for certainty, laboratory tests must be carried out," he said.

In investigating this case, the West Aceh Police were also assisted by Aceh Police personnel. They have also collected a number of evidences at the location and so far are still investigating it, including chasing the perpetrators.

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