Congratulations Mr Anies! Jakarta Officially Enters The Calendar For Host Formula E June 4, 2022
Formula E Calendar in Jakarta (Photo: DOC Formula E)

JAKARTA - The FIA World Motor Sport Council in Paris has approved the calendar for the 8th season of 2021/2022 on 15 October. As a result, Jakarta officially became the host of Formula E on June 4, 2022.

The Chief Championship Officer and Co-founder of Formula E, Alberto Longo, in a video caption, congratulated the Governor of DKI Jakarta Anies Baswedan.

Longo said Anies had succeeded in realizing the Jakarta Langit Biru program for the purpose of clean air through the Formula E event.

"Governor Anies sent a message that shifting private vehicles to public transportation and promoting the use of electric cars is one of several steps that will be taken. This is a cross-generational effort, and Formula E will help to embrace the participation of the younger generation and millennials," Longo said, as quoted by VOI, Saturday, October 16th.

Longo considers Formula E in Jakarta or Jakarta E-Prix an important activity. He also appreciated President Jokowi's efforts to reduce Indonesia's dependence on conventional energy and switch to environmentally friendly energy, a philosophy that is in line with FEO's view.

"Especially in realizing this philosophy and to take advantage of the global electric car trend, President Joko Widodo plans to make Indonesia a center for the production of electric cars and car batteries," said Longo.

For information, a few months ago, the manager of Formula E in New York, United States (US), released a temporary calendar for the implementation of Formula E in 2022 without the name Jakarta as the host.

At that time, the FIA released 16 Formula E races in 12 cities on the page. Although there is no name Jakarta in the list of organizers, however, one schedule with TBD information or to be determined on June 4, 2022.

Until finally, Anies ordered Jakpro to renegotiate with Formula E Operation (FEO) so that Jakarta could still be the organizer of Formula E. After the renegotiations, Jakarta finally got the share to host Formula E on the TBD schedule.

Entering the 8th season, Formula E will be held in Diriyah (Saudi Arabia), Rome, Monaco, Berlin, Vancouver, New York, London, and Seoul. Formula E in Jakarta, will be the first of three races to be held in succession.

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