Finally, The KPK Corrects The Information Of Anies Baswedan And The Chairman Of The DKI DPRD Regarding Allegations Of Corruption In The Land Procurement Of Munjul
DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan (Photo: Instagram @aniesbaswedan)

JAKARTA - Investigators from the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) have scheduled an examination of the DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan and the Chairman of the DKI DPRD Prasetyo Edi Marsudi today or Tuesday, September 21.

They will be questioned as witnesses related to the alleged corruption in land acquisition in Munjul, Pondok Ranggon, Jakarta, and both claim to be willing to attend the KPK's Red and White Building.

Acting KPK Spokesperson for Enforcement Ali Fikri said Anies and Edi would be called as witnesses to complete the case file for suspect Yoory Corneles (YRC), who was the former President Director of Perumda Pembangunan Sarana Jaya. He explained that this summons was based on the need for investigation.

"The investigative team has scheduled the summons of witnesses for the suspect YRC et al, including Anies Baswedan, the Governor of DKI Jakarta and Prasetyo Edi Marsudi, the chairman of the DKI Jakarta DPRD," said Ali to reporters, Monday, September 20.

With this request for information, it is hoped that the actions carried out by the suspect in this case will become clear and clear. Apart from Anies and Edi, the KPK also plans to summon a number of other witnesses.

Ali asked the witnesses to cooperate in responding to the summons. Moreover, the summons has been carried out properly.

"KPK hopes that the witnesses who have been properly summoned by the investigative team will be able to attend according to the time stated in the summons," he said.

Furthermore, Ali did not go into details regarding the examination material that would be asked of Anies and Edi. However, some time ago, the anti-corruption commission was indeed studying the budget discussion that led to the land acquisition in Munjul.

In fact, the Corruption Eradication Commission has summoned a number of witnesses, including the Deputy Chairman of the DKI DPRD, M Taufik, on Tuesday, August 10 to dig into the process of discussing the budget that led to the killing of the suspects.

Upon the summons, Prasetyo Edi admitted that he would attend according to the schedule stated in the KPK letter. Similarly, Anies is also ready to be present as a witness even though he does not know what investigators will ask.

"I myself don't know what information is needed, but God willing, I will attend according to the invitation given by the KPK tomorrow, the KPK at the KPK office," Anies told reporters, Monday, September 20 evening.

As previously reported, the KPK has named four suspects, namely the Director and Deputy Director of PT Adonara Propertindo, Tommy Adrian and Anja Runtuwene, former President Director of Perumda Pembangunan Sarana Jaya Yoory Corneles, and Director of PT Aldira Berkah Abadi Makmur (ABAM) Rudy Hartono Iskandar.

In addition, the KPK has also named PT Adonara Propertindo as a suspect in corporate corruption.

This allegation of corruption occurred when Perumda Pembangunan Sarana Jaya, which is a BUMD in the property sector, sought land in the Jakarta area to be used as a business unit or land bank. Furthermore, this regionally owned company cooperates with PT Adonara Propertindo which is also engaged in the same field.

As a result of this alleged corruption, the state is estimated to have lost up to Rp. 152.5 billion. The suspects allegedly used this money to finance their personal needs.

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