Upset About Often Losing Motorbikes, Residents Of Jatinegara Village Sweeping Faces Of Perpetrators Caught On CCTV
CCTV screen capture
JAKARTA - Because they are upset because there are many cases of losing motorbikes in their area, residents of RT 07/08 Jatinegara Village, Cakung, East Jakarta are looking for the perpetrator whose face has gone viral on social media because it was caught by CCTV cameras.
Hery Alamsyah, head of RT 07/08, Jatinegara Village, said that the arrest of the perpetrator was based on CCTV footage that has gone viral. Then, said Hery, there were residents who recognized the characteristics of the perpetrators.
When caught by residents on Jalan Rawa Badung or the Kuning bridge, the perpetrator denied that he was not the person accused. Then, the perpetrator was taken to the RT post. That's where the perpetrator finally confessed.
"He was arrested on Jalan Rawa Badung or on the Kuning bridge. The perpetrator had avoided it and was then taken to the RT Post by the residents," explained Hery to reporters, Monday, September 20.

Residents who were annoyed with the perpetrator's actions finally gave a barrage of blows. To avoid the residents' actions getting out of control, the perpetrator was finally taken to the Cakung Police Station on Sunday, September 19, yesterday.
"Residents are upset because there are frequent losses here. But thank God one perpetrator was caught. The case was handed over to the police," he said.
When confirmed by VOI, the Cakung Sector Police Chief Kompol Satria admitted that his party had not yet received the report.
"I'll check it out in a minute," he said when contacted by VOI, Monday, September 20.

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