Muhammad Kece Persecuted, MUI: Napoleon Bonaparte's Attitude Is A Limit To His Patience When His Religion Is Insulted
Muhammad Kece/Screenshot

JAKARTA - Deputy Chairman of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) Anwar Abbas, also highlighted the alleged abuse of Inspector General Napoleon Bonaparte against Muhammad Kece in prison.

"We know that Napoleon Bonaparte is not a random person and is not someone who does not understand the law, but in fact, he understands very, very well, even he is a law enforcer," said Anwar Abbas, Monday, September 20. According to him, the actions were taken by the two-star general born of anxiety because his faith has been abused.

"But if his religion and faith are insulted, belittled and belittled, then as an ordinary human being and as a man of faith, of course, there is a limit to his patience," said Anwar.

Anwar explained that no matter how high one's position is and no matter how great one's knowledge of the law is, if one's religion and beliefs are disturbed, it will be their faith that will speak.

"Napoleon also acted by beating the person concerned. And because he realized that his action was against the law, he said I was ready to take the risk," he said.

From this incident, Anwar also advised the public to realize that religious issues are very sensitive matters. He hopes that the state and law enforcers should be really quick to respond when there are problems involving harassment of religious issues.

"This is important to do and to be of concern to all of us so that our unity and integrity as citizens of the nation are not damaged and damaged by the attitudes and actions of one person or a few people," concluded Anwar Abbas.

Previously, Inspector General Napoleon Bonaparte sent an open letter regarding his reasons for persecuting the suspect of blasphemy Muhammad Kece.

Through Haposan Batubara as his legal counsel, Napoleon Bonaparte emphasized that his client did not accept Muhammad Kece's behavior, who arbitrarily insulted his religion.

"My compatriots and fellow countrymen actually I want to speak directly to all of you, but at this time I can't do it," wrote Napoleon Bonaparte in his open letter regarding his persecution of Muhammad Kece, Sunday 19 September.

Not only that, but Napoleon Bonaparte also stated in the open letter that he was born and raised as a Muslim.

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