DPR Receives 11 Names Of Candidates For Supreme Court Justices, Fit And Proper Test Will Be Conducted Next Week
Speaker of the House of Representatives Puan Maharani (Photo: Antara)

JAKARTA - The DPR RI leadership received the names of the candidates for Supreme Court Justices proposed by the Judicial Commission (KY) on Friday, September 17.

As many as 8 of the 11 candidates for Supreme Court Justices submitted by KY to the DPR RI were from the Criminal Chamber, 2 from the Civil Chamber, and 1 from the Military Chamber. serial number and paperwork. Furthermore, the fit and proper test process for each candidate for Supreme Court Justice will be carried out on Monday and Tuesday next week. KY itself has selected candidates for Supreme Court Justices from February to August 2021. KY opens recruitment, both from internal career judges and from the public. in accordance with the provisions of Law 18/2011, as well as Judicial Commission Regulation 2/2016 concerning the Selection of Candidates for Supreme Court Justices.

Based on Article 24A paragraph (3) of the 1945 Constitution, the 11 candidates for Supreme Court justices are submitted to the DPR for approval and will then be appointed as Supreme Court Justices by the President. to the public.

"The selection process for the Supreme Court Justices will be conducted in an open, transparent, participatory and accountable manner," said Puan in her statement, Friday, September 17.

Puan hopes that the selection made by KY will really produce the best candidates for Supreme Court Justices. "So that the selection results submitted to the DPR RI are candidates for Supreme Court Justices who are eligible to be submitted and have met the qualifications as candidates for Supreme Court Justices," said the former Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Culture. Puan reminded that the names of candidates for Supreme Court Justices submitted to the DPR RI had been selected carefully pay attention to his track record. This step, said Puan, is to maintain the honor and dignity of the judge.

“Although the process of selecting candidates for Supreme Court Justices is carried out in the DPR, the candidates for judges must be free from the influence of political interests and be independent. This is important in order to build public trust in the performance of the judiciary and the law enforcement process in Indonesia,” he explained.

Puan said the DPR's Deliberative Body (Bamus) has assigned Commission III to conduct a fit and proper test of 11 candidates for Supreme Court Justices selected by the Judicial Commission. This election was carried out to meet the needs of the Supreme Court Justices in 2021.

"In accordance with the provisions of the law, the Judicial Commission is given the authority to carry out the selection process, however, synergy is still needed between the Judicial Commission and the Supreme Court so that the recruitment of candidates for Supreme Court Justices can meet the needs of Supreme Court Justices at the Supreme Court," said Puan. Chief Justices include:

Criminal Chamber1. Aviantara, SH, M. Hum. (Inspector of Region I Supervisory Body of the Supreme Court)2. H. Dwiarso Budi Santiarto, SH, M. Hum. (Head of the Supreme Court Oversight Body)3. Jupriyadi, SH, M. Hum. (High Supervisory Judge at the Supervisory Board of the Supreme Court)4. Dr. Prim Haryadi, SH, MH (Director General of the General Court of Justice of the Supreme Court)5. Dr. Subiharta, SH, M. Hum (High Judge at Bandung High Court)6. Suharto, SH, M. Hum. (Junior Registrar of Special Crimes at the Supreme Court)7. Suradi, SH, S. Sos., MH (High Supervisory Judge at the Supervisory Board of the Supreme Court)8. Yohanes Priyana, SH, MH (High Court Judge of Kupang High Court)

Civil Chamber9. Ennid Hasanuddin, SH, CN, MH (High Judge of the Banten High Court)10. Dr. H. Haswandi, SH, M. Hum., MM (Junior Registrar of Special Civil Service of the Supreme Court)

Military Chamber11. Brigadier General Dr. Tama Ulinta Br Tarigan, SH, M.Kn. (Deputy Chief of the Main Military Court).

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