In Front Of The DPR, Tri Rismaharini's Subordinates Said They Had Integrated 74 Million PBI Data With DTKS
Screenshot of the Special Staff of the Minister of Social Affairs for Human Resource Development and Programs of the Ministry, Suhadi Lili at the Joint Working Meeting of Commission IX of the DPR RI in Jakarta, Thursday (Devi Nindy/Antara)

JAKARTA - The Ministry of Social Affairs has updated 74,420,345 data on Health Insurance Contribution Assistance Beneficiaries (PBI JK) and integrated it with the Social Welfare Integrated Data (DTKS). and Suhadi Lili's Ministry Program in a working meeting with Commission IX of the DPR RI in Jakarta, reported by Antara, Thursday, September 17. The data matching process, according to Suhadi, starts from a detailed and technical process, since January 2021, 96,788,880 have been collected which become the basic data. The data was then updated, because there was an owner who mutated and died to become 95,520,421. The data is divided into 70,638,689 integrated PBIs with DTKS, and the rest are non-DTKS PBIs. From the JK-DTKS PBI data, it has been refined from 70,638,689 to 69,630,661 people, due to mutations and deceased recipients. from the data in the dukcapil, there were additional PBI-DTKS as many as 4,789,684 people. So that the new PBI data that has been realized is 74,420,345. "The legal basis for determining PBI must be in the DTKS and at the dukcapil. As proof of validating the existence of the person," he said.

Meanwhile, from non-DTKS data, the Ministry of Social Affairs carried out matching and returned to the BPJS Health team, it was found that an additional 4,124,927 recipients had to be verified. Suhadi explained that there was a national quota of 96,800,000 PBI recipients, with a determination in September of 87,053,683 person. As many as 74,420,345 data have been matched with DTKS, while 12,633,338 non-DTKS data are required for feasibility verification from the regions. Ministry of Social Affairs," he said.

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