Female Foreigners Even Smile When They Are Photographed By The Police, Even Though They Are Arrested For Carrying Fake Swab Certificates In Bali
Olena Mukh from Ukraine who was found carrying a fake swab test result letter in Karangasem Bali (DOK. IST)

KARANGASEM - Karangasem Police in Bali, arrested two foreign nationals (WNA), namely a woman named Olena Mukh (26) from Ukraine and a man named D. Mitrii Anokh from Russia (42).

The two foreigners were arrested for falsifying documents in the form of a statement on the results of the COVID-19 swab test.

"For the evidence that was secured (two) sheets of PCR test results were suspected to be fake," said Karangasem Police Chief, AKBP Ni Nyoman Suartini, Thursday, March 4.

The two foreigners were caught carrying fake swab tests on Tuesday, March 2 at the Padangbai Port Integrated Post, Karangasem, Bali.

The officer found that the foreigner brought each one sheet of statement of the results of the swab test. The two foreigners just came from Lombok.

When checked by officers, there were irregularities, namely the issuance of the certificate and registration number of the certificate.

Furthermore, the officer coordinates with the police in Padangbai. The police immediately clarified the officers and the two foreigners.

From the second it became known. Caucasians get a swab test letter from Steve in Lombok. The results of the investigation showed that Siloam Hospital in Canggu had never issued a test swab letter like the one brought by the two foreigners.

"In accordance with what was brought by the suspected perpetrator. Furthermore, the two foreigners along with evidence of the PCR test certificate which was suspected of being fake were brought to the Karangasem Police for further investigation," said AKBP Suartini.

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