Carrying Heavy Equipment, Mayor Bobby Nasution Tore Down Buildings Without Building Permits In Kesawan Medan
The Mayor of Medan Bobby Nasution led the demolition of buildings without a permit in the cultural heritage area of Kesawan Medan (Malo M / VOI)

MEDAN - The Medan City Government (Pemko) has disciplined buildings that do not have building permits (IMB) on Jalan Ahmad Yani VII, Medan.

The ruling was led by the Mayor of Medan, Bobby Afif Nasution together with the Head of Civil service police Unit (Satpol PP). Monitoring at the location, Kesawan, West Medan, controlling the building without a permit involves heavy equipment. Apart from not having a permit, the shape of the building is also considered to violate the designation for the cultural heritage area.

"This is an area that cannot be changed the shape of the building. Then everything is changed outside, on either side of it there is nothing like this shape", said Bobby Nasution Thursday, March 4.

"It is not allowed and the permit does not exist, the IMB does not exist", continued Bobby.

President Jokowi's son-in-law emphasized that the Medan City Government had given a warning to building owners.

"We have warned it, we have written it down. But I saw it yesterday, one day ago it was still working (renovating the building, red). I reminded you that if they keep on doing that, I will destroy it", he said.

According to Bobby Nasution, many buildings in Medan City do not have IMBs. Not only that, many buildings were built but not in accordance with the IMB.

"Yesterday too, if I'm not mistaken, in the Ringroad area, there was no building permit and built it on a road. In plain view, we saw that there was a regulatory error. We also saw that there was no complete letter", said Bobby.

Bobby reminded that no party would change the shape of the building in Kesawan. This is because the Kesawan area is one of the cultural heritages in Medan City.

"Especially in the Kesawan area, don't change the shape even though there is a permit. Follow the regulations, the shape cannot be changed. We must preserve this Kesawan and I remind other places that violate the IMB, violate permits, stand on drainage, it will be. we tidy up", said Bobby.



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