Bobby Nasution Repairs Damaged Water Drainage. Netizens Hope Medan Will Be Free From Flood
Mayor of Medan Bobby Nasution (Photo: @bobbynst)

JAKARTA - The Mayor of Medan, Bobby Nasution, posted a photo of the repair of the water channel on his Instagram account. Bobby said that the water channel at Keluragan Amplas, Medan Amplas has not been repaired for five years.

"Thank God, the road in Environment VI, Amplas Village, Medan Amplas Subdistrict, which has been inundated for 5 years due to clogged drainage channels, has begun to be repaired", said Bobby in the @bobbytnst account, quoted by VOI on Wednesday, March 3.

Bobby said the repairs were made based on reports from residents when he investigated it. From there, he saw clogged drainage and immediately ordered his staff to repair it.

"The repair was carried out one day after I conducted an inspection or went directly to the location. Based on the report I received, the repair had reached 30 percent and would continue", he said.

Bobby admitted that he would encourage the improvement of the work of the Public Works Office, the Public Infrastructure and Facilities Handling Officer (P3SU) team, sub-districts, sub-districts, and employees at the environmental level so that improvement programs run optimally.

"In the future, every road damaged and inundated in all areas in Medan City will be repaired immediately. To make it happen, the spirit and the basic principle that we must share is collaboration", explained Bobby.

Bobby Nasution's post received a lot of support. They are proud and happy with Bobby's performance in Medan.

Some even asked Boby to free the field from flooding. "Come on, Boby, free the terrain from flooding", said the account @mulyantojulius.

Since his first day working as Mayor of Medan, Bobby Nasution immediately did inspections, as is often done by President Joko Widodo. Jokowi's son-in-law reviews the development of their respective cities.

On Monday, March 1, Bobby visited the cultural heritage in the Kesawan area. Medan City government (Pemko) targets to accelerate the improvement of cultural heritage areas in Kewasan this year.

"Hopefully, it can be carried out this year, because we have everything. DED (Design Engineering Design) already exists, especially for Ahmad Yani Street and Pajak Ikan Lama", said Bobby.

The repair, said Bobby, was carried out based on the number of buildings that had changed. According to him, the shape of the buildings in the Kesawan area should be maintained.

"We see, as long as it is supposed to be preserved, it has changed a lot. We will return it to a cultural heritage, which must be an old building, our heritage should be returned again", he explained.



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