East Java Governor Consider Gus Ipul Appointed As Mayor Of Pasuruan Is Best Mentor
East Java Governor Khofifah Indar Parawansa inaugurated 12 regional heads in East Java including Pasuruan Mayor Saifullah Yusuf alias Gus Ipul. (DOK. Pemprov of East Java)

SURABAYA - East Java Governor Khofifah Indar Parawansa inaugurated 12 regional heads in East Java. One of them is his former rival in the 2019 governer election, namely Pasuruan Mayor Saifullah Yusuf aka Gus Ipul.

The inauguration procession of 17 regional heads was divided into three sessions, where the first session started at 09.00 WIB which was attended by six regional heads.

In this session the regional heads who were inaugurated were the Regent and Deputy Regent of Trenggalek. Then the Regent and Deputy Regent of Sumenep, the Regent and Deputy Regent of Situbondo, the Regent and Deputy Regent Dwi Rianto Jatmiko, the Regent and Deputy Regent Sugirah, and the Regent and Deputy Regent.

While the second session started at 13.20 WIB, followed by six regional heads including Gus Ipul who was a former Deputy Governor of East Java for two periods. Gus Ipul was inaugurated with Deputy Mayor of Pasuruan Adi Wibowo.

After that, Khofifah also appointed the Mayor-Deputy Mayor of Blitar, the Regent-Deputy Regent of Jember, the Regent-Deputy Regent of Malang, the Regent-Deputy Regent of Blitar, and the Regent-Deputy Regent of Mojokerto.

In her remarks, Khofifah hoped that the synergy between the district/city governments, including with the East Java Provincial Government, would create collaboration for regional progress. Khofifah also advised that the newly appointed regional head, promote the proud movement made in Indonesia, proud of Indonesian tourism, and economic recovery through MSMEs.


Khofifah had mentioned the name Gus Ipul because he was considered to be more detailed in understanding the empowerment of MSMEs.

"Here there is Gus Ipul who knows better. The proof is that there are more pins on his uniform than mine. This proves that his struggle has been long", said Khofifah to the applause of the invitation.

Khofifah also praised Gus Ipul as a mentor who should be emulated. "Regent/Mayor, if you want to find a mentor, you don't need to bother, because one of those who are appointed is a top mentor", said Khofifah.


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