Deputy Governor Riza Patria Ensures Helena Lim Keeps Second Dose Of COVID-19 Vaccination
Helena Lim (Le Moesiek Revole YouTube Screenshot)

JAKARTA - Deputy Governor (Deputy Governor) of DKI Jakarta Ahmad Riza Patria said that Celebrity Instagram (Celebgram) Helena Lim will still get the second dose of COVID-19 vaccination according to the regulations. Even though, Helena was undergoing priority vaccines even though she was not a health worker.

This socialite woman participated in a special vaccination for health workers at the Public of Health Kebon Jeruk some time ago. Helena is registered as an employee of Apotek Bumi. However, it turns out that Helena is only a relative of the pharmacy owner.

"In my opinion, the second vaccine should be given due to health reasons. Because if a person has been vaccinated for the first time, they must get the second vaccine", said Deputy Governor Riza at the City Hall of DKI, Central Jakarta, Friday, February 26.

Helena Lim is suspected of having violated the rules because she had access to receive vaccinations specifically for health workers. However, said Deputy Governor Riza, the violation was something else.

This is because the national vaccination program mandates that every person who has received an injection of the COVID-19 vaccine must receive two injections for immunity.

"Regarding the problem of violations, it is different. But later we will also ask how the policies of the authorities and health workers will react to it. Do not let the person concerned end up disturbing her health", said Riza.

This case started when Helena Lim marched herself to get the vaccine. In fact, the vaccine is prioritized for health workers.


Many publics have questioned the background of the woman's profession, known as the crazy rich Pantai Indah Kapuk. What the public knows, Helena is a singer who released a single titled Pasrah.

Based on the investigation, Riza said that Helena Lim was the owner or family owner of the pharmacy. Helena and her three families, who are pharmacy owners, are suspected of using data as pharmacy employees so they can get the COVID-19 vaccine.

"It is known that at least there is potential for manipulation from pharmacy owners or leaders regarding the data provided", said Riza.

But for further information regarding the alleged data manipulation, Riza said that she left everything to the police. Later, the police will reveal the alleged criminal act.

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