Anies Target To Build 1.8 Million Infiltration Wells Highlighted By DPRD, Riza Says It Doesn't Have To Be Fulfilled
DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan and DKI Deputy Governor Ahmad Riza Patria (DOK. Public Relations of DKI Pemprov)

JAKARTA - DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan has a target of constructing 1.8 million vertical drainage infiltration wells during his tenure. Infiltration wells are included in one of the flood management programs.

The target of making absorption wells is included in the regional medium-term program plan (RPJMD). Unfortunately, the realization is still far from the target.

Deputy Governor of DKI Jakarta Ahmad Riza Patria said the target of 1.8 million in the RPJMD turned out to be only a necessity, but it did not have to be met.

"We need to explain again. What is meant by the Governor of 1.8 million absorption is Jakarta's need, not to be fulfilled in 5 years or in 1 year. It is impossible," said Riza at City Hall DKI, Central Jakarta.

Riza compared it with the target of developing the Moda Raya Terpadu (MRT) Jakarta route as far as 230 kilometers. According to him, this target is also impossible to achieve in one leadership period.

"So, we have a long-term plan. In the long term, the need for infiltration wells is 1.8 million. For example, the need for MRT is 230 kilometers. Is it possible for a period? It is impossible. This indeed takes time," said Riza.

Therefore, Riza hopes that the construction of infiltration wells will not only rely on the ranks of the DKI Provincial Government. He asked the private sector, developers, building owners, offices, and the community to participate.

"We will ask each resident to also build infiltration wells in their respective homes. Moreover, in areas that have the potential for flooding," said Riza.

"So, once again, the 1.8 million wells are all our needs in Jakarta and will be worked on every period to period, from governor to governor," he continued.

Previously, the Chairman of Commission D DPRD DKI Ida Mahampang criticized the slow realization of Anies Baswedan's promise regarding infiltration wells. Anies once promised to build 1.8 million infiltration wells by 2022, but currently only 15 thousand have been built.

"This infiltration well program, Sir, in the RPJMD actually has 1.8 million, right? So, from that target to date, it is only up to 15 thousand, "said the Chairman of Commission D DPRD DKI Ida Mahampang told VOI.

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