Sues Bobby's Victory In Medan Pilkada, Akhyar Nasution Et Al Didn't Attend The Trial At The Constitutional Court
Akhyar Nasution-Salman Alfarisi

JAKARTA - The pair of candidates for mayor and deputy mayor of Medan Akhyar Nasution-Salman Alfarisi did not attend the preliminary hearing at the Constitutional Court building, Jakarta.

Constitutional Justice Daniel Yusmic P. Foekh invited the applicants for the dispute over the results of the regional head elections to introduce themselves at the hearing. However, the Akhyar Nasution-Salman Alfarisi pair or their attorneys did not attend.

"Until now, information from the secretariat, applicant Number 41 has not been present, until this trial. However, we will continue," said Daniel Yusmic as quoted by Antara, Wednesday, January 27.

Confirmed separately, the Head of Public Relations and Domestic Cooperation of the Constitutional Court, Fajar Laksono Soeroso, said that whether the petition was canceled was the authority of the panel of judges of the Constitutional Court in making decisions later.

"The fact of absence is one of the things that will be considered by the panel of judges whether or not to continue the case in question. In principle, all cases must have a decision / decision in the end," he said.

In their petition, the Akhyar Nasution-Salman Alfarisi pair argued that the votes acquired by the Bobby Afif Nasution-Aulia Rachman pair should be 340,327 votes, not 393,327 votes.

According to the petitioner, the difference in the votes acquired by the Bobby Afif Nasution-Aulia Rachman pair is suspected to be from the addition of 53,000 votes in 1,060 polling stations spread across 15 districts, namely Medan, Medang Sunggal, Medan Helvetia, Medan Denai, West Medan, Medan Deli, Medan Tuntung, Medan Belawan , Medan Labuhan, Medan Polonia, Medan Baru, Medan Perjuangan, Medan Petisah, East Medan, and Medan Selayang.

The pair Bobby Afif Nasution-Aulia Rachman were also said to have violated the use of government structures by state officials at the central and regional levels.

Based on that argument, the petitioner asked for a re-vote in the 15 districts mentioned.

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