Claims For Nasrul Abit's Victory, West Sumatra Governor Candidate Mulyadi Questioned Determination Of Suspects To The Court
Mulyadi (DOK. ANTARA)

JAKARTA - The candidate for governor of West Sumatra, Mulyadi, has questioned his determination as a suspect in alleged election violations.

The attorney for the Mulyadi-Ali Mukhni pair, Veri Junaidi, in the preliminary examination, said that the determination of the suspect by the Integrated Law Enforcement Center consisting of Election Supervisory Agency, Police and Prosecutor's office was an unfair and forced law enforcement process.

Veri said that the process of determining the suspect was rushed and forced, i.e., five days before voting and was distributed massively through the mass media.

As a result of the determination of the suspect, he argued that the applicant lost support from the prospective voters as seen from the sharp drop in electability compared to the results of the survey conducted before the determination as a suspect.

"Determining the petitioner as a suspect, even though in the investigation stage it was declared insufficient evidence, was a structured, systematic and massive effort with the aim of defeating voter support for the applicant," said Veri Junaidi as quoted by Antara, Tuesday, January 26.

Even though it did not meet the threshold for submitting a request for a dispute over the results of the regional head election, the petitioner asked the Constitutional Court to continue to examine and decide the case.


During the trial, the Panel of Justices at the Constitutional Court also approved the candidate pair Mahyeldi-Audy Joinaldy to be involved in the case.

Meanwhile, the West Sumatra General Election Commision (KPU) assigned candidate pair number 1 Mulyadi-Ali Mukhni to get 614,477 votes, candidate pair number 2 Nasrul Abit-Indra Catri received 679,069, candidate pair number 3 Fakhrizal-Genius Umar received 220,893 and candidate pair number 4 Mahyeldi-Audy Joinaldy received 726,853 votes.


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