Arriving In Bandung Wrapped In A Red And White Flag, Praka Roy's Body Was Buried Tomorrow
The coffin of Praka (posthumous) Roy Vebrianto arrived at the funeral home at the Bumi Sari Indah I Complex, Bandung (Photo: BETWEEN)

JAKARTA - The bodies of members of Yonif 400 / BR who were shot dead by an armed criminal group (KKB) in Papua, Chief Soldier (Posthumous) Roy Vebrianto arrived at the funeral home in Bumi Sari Indah I Complex, Baleendah District, Bandung Regency, West Java, Saturday, 23 January night.

Roy's body is planned to be buried on Sunday, January 24, tomorrow morning. Praka Roy's father, Kuspriadi (53) said his son's body was taken to the funeral home after landing in Jakarta after being flown directly from Papua.

Roy's body arrived and was taken by using an ambulance from the Permanent Garrison Command at 20:44 WIB.

"The funeral is planned for tomorrow, Sunday, January 24, morning, after being brought here (the funeral home), tomorrow will be buried at the Cikutra TMP," said Kuspriadi.

The arrival of Roy's body was accompanied by tears of emotion from his family and relatives and neighbors. After being lifted from the ambulance, Roy's coffin, wrapped in a red and white flag, was carried by a number of other TNI members to the funeral home.

Kuspriadi said Roy was the first of two children, while his younger brother, Raditya (15), is still in school.

At the funeral home were various flower garlands from a number of TNI and Polri officials. Starting from the TNI Commander Marshal Hadi Tjahjanto, Army Chief of Staff, General TNI Andika Perkasa, and other regional apparatus officials.

Kuspriadi himself is a member of the TNI with the rank of Second Lieutenant. He is currently carrying out his duties as a member of the Kodam III Siliwangi area.

Roy's career in the Army has followed in his father's footsteps. After graduating from school, Kuspriadi said that his son did not want to continue his education to higher education.

"He (Roy) did not want to go to college, so he registered as a member," said Kuspriadi.

Previously, Pratu Roy Vebrianto, a member of Yonif 400 / BR, Friday, January 22, died from a gunshot wound lodged in his body during a firefight with an armed criminal group (KKB).

The victim suffered a gunshot wound to the right chest and died upon arrival at Mitra Masyarakat Timika Hospital after being evacuated by helicopter.

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