Indonesia's Population Now Reaches 271.35 Million: The Number Of Men Is More
Illustration. (Photo: Unsplash)

JAKARTA - The Ministry of Home Affairs (Kemendagri) stated that the total population of Indonesia as of December 2020 reached 271,349,889 people. This number is the latest population data based on synchronization of the results of the 2020 Population Census and population administration data (Adminduk) from the Directorate General of Population and Civil Registration (Ditjen Dukcapil) of the Ministry of Home Affairs.

"The total population of Indonesia in Semester II 2020 which has been integrated with population census data is 271,349,889 people," said Secretary General (Secretary General) of the Ministry of Home Affairs Muhammad Hudori in a Joint Release of 2020 Population Census Data and 2020 Population Administration Data, quoted from Antara, Thursday 21 January.

Of these, the total female population reached 134,229,988 and the male population was 137,119,901, and there were 86,437,053 family cards.

Based on the distribution of population, Java Island occupies the top position with the largest population, namely 55.94 percent, followed by Sumatra 21.73 percent, Sulawesi 7.43 percent, Kalimantan 6.13 percent, Bali and Nusa Tenggara 5.57 percent, Papua 2.02 percent, and Maluku 1.17 percent.

In detail, West Java is the province with the largest population, namely 47.1 million, followed by East Java with 41.04 million, Central Java 37.10 million, North Sumatra 15.14 million, and Banten 11.64 million. soul.

The five provinces with the lowest population were North Kalimantan (0.68 million people), West Papua (1.15 million people), Gorontalo (1.19 million people), North Maluku (1.30 million people), and Bangka Belitung Islands. (1.43 million people).

Meanwhile, based on the results of the 2020 Population Census (SP2020) conducted by the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) until September 2020, the total population of Indonesia was recorded at 270,203,911 people.

Head of BPS Suhariyanto explained that the number of Indonesian population results from SP2020 was obtained through a long process from the results of the Online Population Census, field data collection which was then synchronized with Adminduk data. Thus, data from the 2020 Population Census and Adminduk data are now integrated.

"Through the synchronization process and also using data input from the 2020 Population Census, the total population of Adminduk in December 2020 is 271.35 million. (The number) of the SP2020 population refers to September 2020, while Adminduk data refers to December 2020," he said. .

Suhariyanto said that the increase in the recorded population was due to an increase in the population growth rate of 0.14 percent from September to December 2020.

The results of SP2020 compared to SP2010 show an increase in the population of 32.56 million people or an average of 3.26 million every year.

"When compared with previous population censuses, we can see that the number of Indonesians from time to time continues to increase," said Suhariyanto.

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