The Story Of Sheikh Ali Jaber's Companions Who Helped People Without Feeling
Syekh Ali Jaber (@syekh.alijaber)

JAKARTA - The cousin and close friend of Sheikh Ali Saleh Muhammed Ali Jaber or better known as Sheikh Ali Jaber, Abdurrahman Husain Jaber said that the deceased was a friendly and polite, even generous person.

During his life, either before or after becoming a preacher, Sheikh Ali Jaber always helped others. Even helping people he didn't even know.

"Once in one of the minimarkets at night he helped a mother who was struggling because she thought about her family's operating costs," said Abdurrahman Husain.

Husain said, without thinking Sheikh Ali Jaber handed over all the money he had brought that day. He didn't think that much of the money he brought in that day was up.

"By Sheikh Ali Jaber, the mother who admitted that she was in trouble was given Rp. 5 million, even though at that time she did not know who the mother was and that only the money brought by Sheikh Ali Jaber was," said Husain.

Husain said, his friend's help did not stop there. In fact, Sheikh Ali Jaber was still paying attention while the family was hospitalized.

"After that the mother's condition, as long as her family received treatment, still received the attention of Sheikh Ali Jaber," said Husain.

Therefore, when he got the news that Sheikh Ali Jaber had passed away, he was reminded of the good services of Sheikh Ali Jaber who never looked at anyone being helped.

"We all hope that he will be accepted by Allah," he said.

Meanwhile, at the funeral home on Jalan Ade Irma Suryani, Mataram City, NTB, which is the house of Syekh Ali Jaber's in-laws, was filled with mourners who wanted to meet their family and convey their condolences for the death of Syeikh Ali Jaber.

As for the charismatic scholar, Sheikh Ali Saleh Muhammed Ali Jaber or better known as Sheikh Ali Jaber died at the age of 44 years. Sheikh Ali Jaber died in a negative state of COVID-19.

Currently, the body of Syekh Ali Jaber is buried in the funeral home on Jalan Pemuda, Sentosa Park Complex, Pulogadung, East Jakarta.

The body of the deceased arrived at the funeral home of Blok I No. 5, RT 004 / RW 09, Jati Village, Pulogadung District at around 14:18 WIB from the Yarsi Hospital Jakarta.

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