Sheikh Ali Jaber's Message To His Son: Don't Leave Prayers, Take Care Of Mother And Family
The eldest son of Sheikh Ali Jaber, Al Hasan Ali Jaber (Photo: Antara)

JAKARTA - Charismatic cleric, Syekh Ali Saleh Muhammed Ali Jaber or better known as Sheikh Ali Jaber, died at the age of 44. Sheikh Ali Jaber died in a negative state of COVID-19.

The eldest son of Sheikh Ali Jaber, Al Hasan Ali Jaber, said that while he was still alive his father advised him to always keep his prayers and his mother. This message was also conveyed to the family.

"The message has always been to keep the prayers, keep the prayers, keep the prayers, don't leave the prayers because prayer is a religious pillar. Then don't forget to take care of mothers and families," said Al Hasan Ali Jaber when met at his house on Jalan Ade Irma Suryani, Mataram City, Thursday was reported by Antara, Thursday, January 14.

Al Hasan Ali Jaber admitted that he and his family had let Sheikh Ali Jaber go. However, he did not have any premonitions regarding the passing of his father.

"If there is no hunch at all," he explained.


According to him, during Sheikh Ali Jaber's life, he never asked him to continue the work of the deceased as a preacher. Because the message of the deceased to him to always keep praying and not to leave prayer.

"Nothing yet, but what he always ordered was to keep the prayers, because God willing, if the prayers are smooth then life will be made easier, and don't forget to recite the Koran," said Sheikh Ali Jaber's eldest son.

Before returning to Lombok on Monday, January 11, he had been in Jakarta for a long time to monitor Sheikh Ali Jaber's condition while he was being treated at the hospital.

"Because his condition continued to improve, I finally decided to go home, but on Thursday, January 14 morning we were reported that Sheikh Ali Jaber's condition continued to decline, oxygen fell and the heat rose. But Sheikh Ali Jaber's death was negative for COVID-19," he explained.

Regarding the funeral, Syeikh Ali Jaber, his party fully gave the best, even though during his lifetime Sheikh Ali Jaber had ordered that he wanted to be buried in Lombok.

"If it can be buried in Lombok, we will try. But if there are obstacles and something else, we are looking for the best way, the latest information is buried in Jakarta or Tangerang," he said.

Even so, he admitted that the family did hope that they could be buried in Lombok, because Sheikh Ali Jaber's extended family were all in Lombok.

"All of us are grieving, God willing, the deceased will be placed on the best side by Allat SWT. Now we and our family are going to Jakarta this afternoon, with our mother and extended family," he said.



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