Syekh Ali Jaber Passed Away, Mahfud MD: We Lost A Cooling And Unifying Figure For The Ummah
Syekh Ali Jaber (DOK. ANTARA)

JAKARTA - The Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs (Menko Polhukam) Mahfud MD expressed his sorrow for the death of the scholar Syekh Ali Jaber. He said, the country lost one of the conditioning and unifying figures for the people.

"Inalillahi wa innaillahi roji'un. We have lost a conditioning and unifying figure for the ummah, the great scholar Sheikh Ali Jaber died today," Mahfud said as quoted from his tweet written on his official Twitter account @mohmahfudmd, Thursday, January 14.

He said that Sheikh Ali Jaber was his best friend who often served as a hub for aspirations between the people and the government. In addition, he called the cleric who was born in Medina, Saudi Arabia a humble figure.

"Because of humility, he called me teacher or father," he said.

Furthermore, the former Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court (MK) spoke about his meeting with Sheikh Ali Jaber. Mahfud said, this meeting was held before the cleric tested positive for COVID-19 and was held at his home.

At that time, as a guest, Sheikh Ali had brought himself various gifts ranging from prayer beads to the distinctive perfume of the Kaaba aroma. During the meeting, he said that he wanted to print a number of Quran memorizers.

"A few days before the news of COVID-19, Sheikh Ali Jaber came to my house, gave me a prayer beads, selected dates, a prayer book, a special perfume from the aroma of the Ka'bah." My teacher wants to print a million memorizers of the Koran. Land and capital for buildings have started to accumulate; ask for support in the licensing process, "he said," he said.

In addition, Mahfud also told me that he was often invited to eat bukhori rice or Arabic kebuli rice along with durian.

"If he comes to my house, then I will order the same menu minus the durians from the Aljazeera restaurant. He has also invited his father and younger siblings to my house, which he said, wanted to know me too," he said.

Previously reported, Sheikh Ali Jaber or Ali Saleh Mohammed Ali Jaber died at Yarsi Hospital Today, January 14, 2021 at around 08.30 WIB. Through the Syekh Ali Jaber Foundation's Instagram account, this cleric died in a negative state of COVID-19.

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