Until The End Of His Life, Sheikh Ali Jaber Delivered A Message Of Unity For Indonesia
Ulama Syekh Ali Jaber (PHOTO: Instagram @ y Yayasan.sikhalijaber)

JAKARTA - The sad news came this morning, having passed away to the grace of Allah the preacher, Sheikh Ali Jaber, Thursday, January 14, at Yarsi Hospital, Central Jakarta.

Although previously Sheikh Ali Jaber was confirmed positive for COVID-19, the cleric from Madinah has gradually recovered.

There are many role models taught by Sheikh Ali Jaber. Finally, VOI did a search through his official Instagram account. Ali Jaber shares videos that can be a lesson for us all.

The video, which was uploaded about a month ago, was taken by Ali Jaber while in the car with his younger brother Ahmad.

At that time, Ali Jaber was known to have traveled to the airport to pick up his son, Al Hasan (20). They plan to have lunch with their extended family.

First of all Ali Jaber stated that he was proud to be an Indonesian citizen and explained that his family had lived in Lombok for generations.

Ali Jaber's descendants are known to be warriors in Lombok. "Said to be a hero even though he has not registered. Because they were with the Sasak people against the Dutch and Japanese colonizers, ”he explained.

"Even though I was born and raised in Arabic, it is certain, God willing, my blood is Indonesian blood. I even had a blood check. Subhanallah, the doctor, was shocked because his blood was red and white, ”laughed Sheikh Ali Jaber.

Regarding the issue of national unity, Ali Jaber stated that he was saddened by the condition of the "Moral Revolution" which had deviated from its original purpose.

Ali Jaber gave an example if in the present time many people blame each other and look for badness. This is what he thinks can divide the nation.

"Anyone who is different with their respective views. We are blessed to have different views, but have no right to berate those who are not in accordance with our views, "he said.

Then Ali Jaber explained that in Islam teaches manners and appealed to the public not to hate someone's shortcomings.

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