While Sobbing, Yusuf Mansur Conveys The Sorrow Of Losing Sheikh Ali Jaber: We Lost The Fighters Of The Quran
Syekh Ali Jaber (Capture the BNPB YouTube screen)

JAKARTA - The sad news came on Thursday, January 14 this morning. Ulama Syekh Ali Jaber died at the Yarsi Cempaka Putih Hospital, Central Jakarta, at 08.30 WIB.

Grief was conveyed by the preacher Yusuf Mansur. The day before Sheikh Ali's departure, Yusuf Mansur had received news that he was critical.

"Last night the doctor was told, Ustad Ali was critical, I spread it to the kyai, clerics, to friends. AA Gym, gus all over Indonesia, Sheikh Ali is critical, ask for his prayers. We lose auran fighters, lose sincere dai, leave country for Indonesia, "said Yusuf Mansur, sobbing.

"Innalillahi wa innalillahi rojiun. Hopefully, God willing, Sheikh Ali sahid," said Yusuf Mansur, quoted from his personal Instagram page, yusufmansurnew, Thursday, January 14.

Syekh Ali Jaber or Ali Saleh Mohammed Ali Jaber passed away at Yarsi Hospital Today, January 14, 2021 at around 08.30 WIB. The Sheikhhalijaber Foundation on its Instagram page said that Sheikh Ali died in a negative state of COVID-19.

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