President Jokowi And Raffi Ahmad Viral After Covid-19 Vaccination, This Is The Difference
Joko Widodo's prediction when he received the Covid-19 vaccine for the first time. (Photo: Bureau of Credits)

JAKARTA - President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) was injected with the COVID-19 vaccine from Sinovac, at the State Palace, Wednesday, January 13. As the first recipient of the vaccine in Indonesia, Jokowi immediately went viral. Apart from Jokowi, Raffi Ahmad has also gone viral on various social media after receiving the Covid-19 vaccine.

President Jokowi is viral because there is an interesting story during the vaccine process. The hands of the Deputy Chief of Presidential Doctor Abdul Muthalib, who injected the vaccine into Jokowi's body, seemed to shake. Being highlighted from various points of view, this trembling hand could not be hidden.

"Because it was the first person in Indonesia. But that problem did not become an obstacle for me in the injection. At the injection it was not a problem, no longer shaking when the injection was made. At first it was a bit shaking," said Abdul Muthalib as quoted by YouTube of the Presidential Secretariat.

Netizens took a video of Abdul Mutholib's hand and uploaded it on social media. Most of them understood the reason Abdul Muttalib's hands were shaking.

Apart from President Jokowi, Raffi Ahmad's appearance when he received the Covid-19 vaccine also went viral. Raffi wore a shirt with bright colors which was the result of KALA Studio's production.

KALA Studio has an exclusive daily wear collection, which emphasizes quality and comfort. One of the hallmarks of KALA Stdio is the collection of patterned everyday shirts which are also the favorite shirts of Indonesian celebrities, one of which is Nagita Slavina.

After receiving the vaccine injection, Raffi Ahmad uploaded a photo of President Joko Widodo. "Alhamdulillah, today is the Prime Vaccine with Mr. Jokowi. Thank you for your trust ... for Beloved Indonesia Come on Vaccine Ayooo, don't be afraid Vaccines guys !!! Hopefully we are always healthy and the bad virus Covid virus disappears from this Earth and Indonesia and when vaccines are already in compliance health protocol, "said Raffi Ahmad.

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