Raffi Ahmad Buy Shares, Experts Remind The Public To Still Understand Investment Risk Issues
Raffi Ahmad | (Photo: Instagram, @ raffiahmad1717)

JAKARTA - The euphoria of buying a number of shares by public figures such as Raffi Ahmad, inevitably encourages people to get closer to one of these investment instruments. Because, an artist or other well-known figure is believed to have a large fan base.

The more real the process of duplicating a fan resembling the idol, the more emotional bond will be built between the two. However, for investment matters, it is appropriate for the public to pay close attention to the characteristics and risk profile of each. Moreover, the instrument chosen is stocks that have a tendency to high risk and high return.

Avrist AM Head of Investment Farash Farich said that the public should not be trapped by choosing certain stocks without knowing the history and fundamentals of an issuer.

"People need to be observant in understanding investment risks which are useful for knowing which products are good and which are not good," he told VOI, Tuesday, January 5, 2020.

Farash then advised individuals who intend to invest in stock instruments to choose a channel of information that is competent and trustworthy.

"After all, every investment has risks, so it is better to choose a source of information from professionals, for example, members of the Indonesian Investment Advisors Association so that the picture is more complete and realizes the investment as needed, as well as tolerance for losses that can be borne," he said.

The phenomenon of stock investment, said Farash, is not automatically driven by publications from public figures, but also by increasing public understanding of the importance of financial plans.

"The good thing is that more and more people are aware and I am also happy that financial literacy is becoming more massive in various circles," he added.

As previously reported, Raffi Ahmad became a pioneer among artists who are known to be fond of collecting a number of shares. Through his Instagram account @ raffinagita1717, the husband of Nagita Slavina revealed that he had invested in shares of PT M Cash Integration Tbk (MCAS).

"With a situation like this we have to really fight, whatever we have to learn with the development of IT and technology. For all of you, try exploring MCAS," explained Raffi in his upload.

Previously, President Joko Widodo's youngest son, Kaesang Pangarep, was said to have already owned a stock portfolio using the Sangmology method.

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