When The 'Mermaid' Appears On Kuta Beach Bali, Posing In The Middle Of Trash
Piles of trash on Kuta Beach Bali (DOK. ANTARA)

DENPASAR - Viral photos of women in mermaid costumes posing in the trash that fill Kuta Beach, Badung, Bali are spread on social media.

The photo uploaded by @gogosujaya on this Instagram story stole a lot of attention. The photo went viral on social media amidst the garbage scattered around Kuta.

@gogosujaya has been confirmed by VOI, but has not responded to the Instagram message sent, Monday, January 4.

In the photo, you can see a foreign woman wearing a blue mermaid costume. It appears that the foreigner is lying among the rubbish on Kuta beach.

Indeed, the last few days since December 31, 2020, along the coast of Kuta Beach, have been filled with trash. This waste is consignment of garbage that occurs during the rainy season.

Head of the Badung Environmental Service, Wayan Puja, explained that his party had carried out garbage cleaning on Kuta beach gradually. However, the trash kept coming because of rain and wind.

"Yes, it has been done (it has been cleaned gradually) from the 31st afternoon of the 1st, 2nd of the 3rd night due to rain and wind. If it is accompanied by rain and wind, there is a lot of garbage, actually it can be predicted (predicted)," said Wayan Puja. when contacted, Monday, January 4.

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