The Incident Hit The Bus For Persis Solo Players, Kaesang Tegur Persita, Gibran 'Colek' Erick Thohir
Caught the video screen throwing Persis Solo bus stones in Tangerang

TANGERANG - General Director of Persis Solo, Kaesang Pangarep reprimanded Persita Tangerang for the behavior of her unscrupulous supporters who attacked the bus of the official Laskar Sambernyawa. This also caused the vehicle he was traveling in to break the glass.

It is known that Persita Tangerang's match with Persis Solo was held at the Indomilk Stadium, Tangerang Regency, Saturday, January 28, ending in a draw.

Actually, in that match there was no chaos inside the stadium. However, the bus that Ferdinand Sinaga Cs was traveling in was attacked by Persita supporters when he left the stadium, the Casadane Team's pride.

Suddenly they were attacked by the actions of irresponsible supporters who were thrown with stones continuously. As a result, the player's bus vehicle suffered a broken glass.

Woi @Persitajuara," wrote Kaesang on a post on Twitter social media seen by VOI, Saturday, January 28.

Then the Mayor of Solo, Gibran Rakabuming Raka, mentioned the Candidate for Chairman of PSSI, Erick Thohir through his personal Twitter account. He hopes that the police will take firm action regarding the attack.

"If Malang is not punished, then others will not be afraid to do the same. And this will continue to happen as long as there is no firmness against supporters. I hope to @Erickthohir. This is big homework for fun," he said.

"Mboh tweetku iki di gagar ora [email protected]," sambungnya.

Previously, the match continued with Liga 1 Indonesia which brought Persita Tangerang together with Persis Solo at the Indomilk Stadium, Tangerang Regency, Saturday, 28, was again marked by chaos by unscrupulous supporters. This time it happened outside the stadium.

The action of the gang of supporters threw stones at the bus players and the Official Persis Solo with stones.

In the video uploaded to the Instagram account @timasday45, it can be seen that the actions of unscrupulous groups of supporters threw away, causing the glass in front of the bus carrying the players and the official team of Persis Solo to break.

Contacted separately by the Kelapa Dua Police Chief, Kompol Tedjo Asmoro confirmed the incident. Recently, several unscrupulous supporters have been arrested.

However, when asked how many people had been arrested, the former Matraman police chief admitted that he did not know any further.

"(Oknum Supporter sudah -red) Dimanikan di Polres (South Tangerang)," kata Tedjo saat dikonfirmasi, Sabtu, 28 Januari.

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