Akhyar Sues Medan Pilkada Results To The Constitutional Court, Bobby Nasution's Team: Don't Break Open, Blow Anger With Cheating Issues
Bobby Nasution-Aulia Rachman (Instagram bobbynst)

MEDAN - The spokesman for the Bobby Nasution-Aulia Rachman winning team, Ikrimah Hamidy asked the candidate pair Akhyar Nasution-Salman Alfarisi to be relieved in responding to the defeat in the Medan Regional Election. A lawsuit to the Constitutional Court (MK) is considered as a candidate's right but must have strong evidence.

"When talking about procedures, first this is the candidate's right. If it is based on regulations, it is clear that the lawsuit will only be responded to based on the population, if it is over 1 million, a maximum of 0.5 percent will be responded to, "Ikrimah told reporters, Monday, December 21.

Bobby Nasution's team alluded to witness Akhyar-Salman who signed the vote count results in the Medan Pilkada at the TPS and PPK levels.

"There is no record of what they are suing at this time. I suspect there are 2 opinions developed. First, the implementation of the Pilkada was not good and secondly, it was as if Bobby's victory was not right, ”continued Ikrimah.

Because of this, Bobby Nasution's team handed over the handling of the election result dispute to the Constitutional Court. The Bobby Nasution team is sure that Akhyar Nasution's lawsuit was rejected by the Constitutional Court.

"We refute the claim that party 01 claims, that the opinion that led 02 to win unhealthily is not true. On the other hand, 01 who made a lot of mistakes was recorded at Bawaslu, "he said.

The public is asked not to be influenced by this provocative opinion. Bobby's team remains focused on the future to prepare a new leadership in Medan City.

"Don't divide society with non-existent issues. Don't blow the wind of public anger, we must be relieved not to create misleading opinions, ”said Ikrimah.

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