20 Early Armed Youths Were Taken To The Jatinegara Police
A group of teenagers who were arrested by the police for carrying sickles/ Photo: IST

JAKARTA - Dozens of teenagers equipped with sharp weapons were secured by members of the Jatinegara Police from Jalan Otista Raya, Jatinegara District, East Jakarta.

Dozens of teenagers are a group of gangsters who want to fight. From this arrest, the police also carried out developments to other locations on Jalan DI Panjaitan, Jatinegara District, East Jakarta.

At this location, members of the Jatinegara Police again arrested a number of teenagers who wanted to find enemies.

From the arrests at the two locations, as many as 20 teenagers were taken to the Jatinegara Police for further processing. The police also confiscated evidence of large sickle-type sharp weapons.

Jatinegara Police Chief Kompol Entong Raharja said as many as 20 teenagers were secured from two different locations.

"The sharp weapons that we have secured are not on them. The sharp weapons that we have secured are 2 types of sickles, but they do not recognize these sharp items," he said.

After carrying out security, the Jatinegara Police made humane efforts against the perpetrators.

"We are providing guidance to them by calling their parents and their teachers for supervision," he said.

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