Jaktim Police Educational Firefighters In Ethicals On The Road
Photo Illustration: Antara

The East Jakarta Metro Police Traffic Unit (Satwil Lalu) educates as many as 115 officers from the Fire and Rescue Sub-dept. (Gulkarmat) related to traffic ethics.

"We are greatly helped by the existence of counseling like this. Because this is very important for the safety of firefighters and other people when traffic," said Head of East Jakarta City Gulkarmat Sub-dept., Muchtar Zakaria, quoted from Antara, Wednesday, November 30.

Muchtar added that the activity was also carried out online which was attended by hundreds of other East Jakarta Gulkarmat Sub-dept. officers.

He said the traffic ethical counseling activity was part of security and traffic safety efforts for both firefighters and other motorists.

According to him, with traffic discipline, traffic accidents can be suppressed as much as possible.

Muchtar also appealed to his staff to always check the condition of their vehicles before duty, be it private or operational vehicles.

Dikyasa Unit (Panit) East Jakarta Metro Police Officer, Iptu Nana Sumarna said similar activities were routinely carried out. The target is not only the East Jakarta Gulkarmat Sub-dept. office but other agencies.

This is also done in elementary schools (SD) to junior high schools and high schools in East Jakarta (East Jakarta).

This counseling is important so that people are more orderly in traffic because the facts on the ground violate traffic.

"Starting from going against the current, not wearing a helmet and others, especially students," said Nana.

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