Arema FC Management Sorry, Promise To Give Compensation To Victims
Screenshot of the atmosphere at the Kanjuruhan stadium during the riot of the Arema FC vs Persebaya match

JAKARTA - Arema FC management expresses its condolences for the victim's fall in the disaster that occurred in the 11th week of the 2022 Indonesian League 1 competition at the Kanjuruhan Stadium, Malang, Saturday, October 1. Not only that, but his party also formed a Crisis Center.

"Arema FC expresses deep condolences for the disaster in Kanjuruhan. Arema FC management is also responsible for handling victims, both those who have died and those who were injured," said Chairman of Panpel Arema FC, Abdul Haris quoting Antara, Sunday, October 2.

Sebagai tindak lanjut, Manajemen Arema FC juga membentuk Crisis Center atau Posko Informasi korban untuk menerima laporan dan penanganan korban yang dirawat di rumah sakit.

"The management will also establish a Crisis Center or information post that collects and receives reports for handling victims who are hospitalized," Haris added.

Arema FC's management also apologized profusely to the families of victims of the tragedy which is currently in the international spotlight.

"To the families of Arema Fc's management, they apologize profusely and are ready to provide compensation. Management is ready to accept input suggestions in handling post-disaster management so that many are rescued," concluded Abdul Haris.

The chaos began when thousands of Aremania supporters burst into the field area after Arema FC lost. Persebaya players immediately left the field and Kanjuruhan Stadium using four Police cars, barracuda.

The riots grew bigger where a number of flares were thrown including other objects. Joint security officers from the police and the TNI tried to dispel the supporters.

With the number of security officers not comparable to the number of thousands of Arema FC supporters, officers then fired tear gas in the field. The tear gas shot left many supporters fainting and difficulty breathing.

The number of supporters who fainted caused panic in the stadium area. The number of supporters who need medical assistance is not comparable to the number of medical personnel who were alerted at the Kanjuruhan Stadium.

A total of 127 people were reported to have died in the tragedy that occurred at the Kanjuruhan Stadium, Malang Regency, East Java, after the match between Arema FC and Persebaya Surabaya.

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