Praise Jokowi's Speech, Observer: Political Figures Must Forbid Identity Politics
Political Observer Emrus Sihombing. ANTARA/HO-private dock
JAKARTA - Political observer Emrus Sihombing said that all political figures, especially those who will compete in the next election, should forbid identity politics as President Jokowi's commitment.
"The public must ask the candidate to declare that he forbids narrow identity politics," said Emrus when contacted in Jakarta, Antara, Tuesday, August 16.
He also appreciated President Joko Widodo who appealed for no more identity politics in the 2024 general election. According to Emrus, all political figures should have the same commitment as President Jokowi.
Emrus said that identity politics was carried out by certain groups to harm certain candidates and benefit certain candidates. In fact, the impact of identity politics can trigger horizontal conflicts.
"If that happens, it will be difficult to suppress. This country is based on Pancasila, everything grows because of togetherness. Every human being is different from one another, and that difference must be respected," he said.
Emrus said Jokowi's message that there would be no identity politics in the 2024 election was very positive. As President, Jokowi has the power to convey messages so that other political figures are followed.
"What the president says must be obeyed. If there are candidates who still use identity politics, the public must reject them. The public should not vote for candidates who benefit from identity politics," he said.
On the election administration side, Emrus believes that the KPU and Bawaslu must also be more active in preventing identity politics.
KPU can make stricter rules, while Bawaslu can impose sanctions, ranging from reprimands to even disqualification from candidacy.
"The KPU must have the courage to formulate rules that prohibit identity politics. One that enforces Bawaslu regulations," he said.

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