Almost A Month Has Passed, The Identity Of The Body Of A Young Woman In Puri 11, Karang Tengah, Tangerang Has Not Been Revealed
Body of a young woman at Puri 11, Karang Tengah, Tangerang/ Photo: IST

TANGERANG - It has been almost a month since the discovery of the body at Puri 11, Karang Tengah, Tangerang City has not been revealed. The police have yet to identify the victim, let alone the perpetrator.

It is known that the incident of finding the body occurred on Jalan Lampu Merah Puri 11, Karang Tengah, Tangerang City, last Saturday, July 23.

"Until now, the identity has not been obtained. (Allegedly discarded) It looks like that," said Noor via text message to VOI, Tuesday, August 16.

However, the Polsek and Polres Metro Tangerang have coordinated to reveal the identity of the victim and find the culprit.

"The Polres and Polsek have checked several times for information on missing persons reports at other Regional Police Polsek (check for missing persons)," he said.

"(Results-ed) While nothing has led to it because some have returned to their families and some do not match the characteristics," he continued.

Furthermore, Noor also said that the results of the witness examination also did not find satisfactory results. Moreover, there is no CCTV at the scene.

"According to residents, there is also no information that leads to the incident," he concluded.

Previously reported, the Tangerang Metro Police Chief, Kombes Zain Dwi Nugroho said there were several obstacles regarding the disclosure of the case.

"Until now, there are still obstacles to identify the victim. We have tried to spread information (the characteristics of the victim-ed)," said Zain when confirmed by VOI, Sunday, July 31.

Zain also said that his party had examined five witnesses. However, until now there has been no more detailed information about the female corpse.

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