Commission II Of The DPR Asks The Government To Immediately Disburse Funds For The 2024 Election Infrastructure
KPU building. The commemoration of the 77th Anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia is a moment to think about a healthy 2024 election, without SARA issues like the previous elections. (Doc. Bappenas)

JAKARTA - Commission II of the House of Representatives (DPR) will ask the government to disburse the budget for infrastructure for the 2024 General Election. Moreover, this fund is very much needed by the General Elections Commission (KPU) for the smooth running of the five-year democratic party.

"The House of Representatives Commission II will encourage, for example, if the budget that has been disbursed is related to the stages, if the KPU really needs infrastructure, we will push it to be disbursed", said Deputy Chairman of Commission II of the Indonesian House of Representatives Saan Mustofa at the Parliament Complex, Jakarta, Tuesday, August 16.

Even so, Saan encouraged the government to disburse the 2024 election budget in accordance with what had been mutually agreed upon between the DPR, the government, and election organizers. In particular, related to the budget which is a priority for the 2024 election stage.

So it is possible, continued the West Java electoral district legislator, that budgets that are not related to the election stages such as infrastructure, such as the procurement of cars and secretariat buildings are considered not a priority. Therefore, said Saan, the government has not disbursed the infrastructure budget.

"Perhaps the government has not made (infrastructure, ed) a priority and is not directly related to the stages. So the government has not disbursed infrastructure facilities", explained Puan.

However, Saan ensured that the government is committed to continuing to support the implementation of the 2024 General Election. Therefore, Commission II of the DPR will also encourage the budget related to infrastructure to be immediately disbursed for the purposes of holding elections.

"So it can't all be done quickly, especially now that it is only the registration stage of political parties. For the stages that are very directly related to the dynamics of holding elections, the government will definitely consider it", he said.

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