When They Searched The House To The Pemalang Regent's Office, KPK Investigators Found Money Allegedly Related To The Sale And Purchase Of Positions
Pemalang Regent Mukti Agung (orange vest) leaves the South Jakarta KPK Building. (Tsa Tsia-VOI)

JAKARTA - The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) found money allegedly related to the alleged bribery of buying and selling the inactive Pemalang Regent, Mukti Agung. The findings were obtained when investigators conducted searches at six locations, including the Pemalang Regent's office.

"The investigative team found and secured evidence, including various documents, electronic goods, and a sum of money," Acting KPK Spokesperson for Enforcement Ali Fikri told reporters, Tuesday, August 16.

In addition to the regent's office, searches were also carried out at the Pemalang Regency Cooperative Office, Pemalang BKD Office, Pemalang PUPR Office, Pemalang Communications and Information Office, and the residence of the inactive Pemalang Regent Mukti Agung Wibowo.

It was not specified how much money investigators found. However, Ali believes the money will strengthen the alleged bribery that ensnared Mukti.

Later, investigators will conduct an analysis of the findings of the evidence. In addition, confiscation will also be carried out.

"The next step from finding the evidence, will be immediately analyzed and confiscated as part of the completeness of the case file for the investigation of the suspects," he said.

Previously reported, Mukti was named a suspect by the KPK along with five other people. They are the Commissioner of PD Aneka Usaha Adi Jumal Wibowo, Acting Secretary of Pemalang Regency Slamet Masduki, Head of BPBD Sugiyanto, Head of Kominfo Pemalang Regency Yanuarius Nitbani, and Head of Pemalang Regency Public Works Department Mohammad Saleh.

The determination of the suspect was carried out after the KPK carried out a hand arrest operation (OTT) on Thursday, August 11. During the operation, the team found evidence in the form of Rp. 136 million in cash, a Bank Mandiri savings book in the name of Adi Jumal Widodo which contained Rp. 4 billion, a BNI deposit slip in Adi Jumal's name worth Rp. 680 million, and an ATM card in the name of Adi Jumal used by Mukti.

After being named a suspect, Mukti was detained at the KPK Rutan in the Merah Putih building. While Adi occupies the KPK Detention Center in Lot C1.

Meanwhile, three other suspects are being held at the KPK Detention Center at Pomdam Jaya Guntur. The detentions were for the first 20 days until August 31.

The KPK revealed that Mukti set a tariff of between Rp. 60 million and Rp. 350 million. This is adjusted to the position that the candidate wants to occupy. The money Mukti received through Adi is thought to have reached Rp4 billion. Furthermore, the money is used for personal purposes.

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