Man Killed Under Kendal Gate, Central Java Turns Out To Be Victims Of Brawl, Triggers Challenge Each Other On Social Media
Two suspects in the persecution that caused a young man to die under the Kendal gate/ Photo: Doc. Central Java Police

KENDAL - Two of the perpetrators of the beating that killed BP (20), a resident of Plantaran Village, South Kaliwungu, were arrested by the Kendal Police Satreskrim. The two people named as suspects are S, a resident of Semarang City and AF alias Ucok, a resident of Karangayu Cepiring.

Kendal Police Chief AKBP Jamal Alam explained that the bloody torture that killed Bagus took place at the entrance gate of Krajan Hamlet, Plantaran Village, South Kaliwungu.

"The incident started with a challenge between gangs on social media," said the Police Chief, in a written statement, Tuesday, August 16.

He revealed that the two youth gangs then agreed to meet in the Plantaran area on Saturday, August 13, last night.

Based on the witness' testimony, said the Police Chief, the victim did have a plan to attend a brawl and then return to basecamp or a place that is often used to gather.

"But during the brawl the victim was hit in the head and in the back, causing the victim to faint at the scene. The victim's gang was outnumbered," he added.

Furthermore, said the Police Chief, the victim who was seriously injured was immediately taken to the Darul Istikomah Hospital in Kaliwungu.

The victim's family was then informed about the condition and whereabouts of the victim and then followed him to the Darul Istiqomah Hospital.

"Because the injuries he suffered were quite severe, finally at around 06.00 WIB, the victim was declared dead," explained the Police Chief

According to him, the victim's family did not accept this incident and reported it to the Kendal Police.

The autopsy revealed that the victim died from stab wounds to the back and head.

"From the search, the officers managed to secure the two gangs involved in the brawl. Of the two gangs, there were two people who were later named suspects of abuse which resulted in the victim's death," he explained.

The confiscated evidence, said the Head of the Resort Police, included (one) sharp-edged celurit weapon, and (one) belt that had been tied with a motorcycle chain gear.

For their actions, S and AF will be charged with Article 170 of the Criminal Code with a maximum threat of 12 years.

"For the development of the case, at this time we are still investigating these two gangs," added the Police Chief.

In order to prevent the recurrence of similar incidents, the Kendal Police Chief advised parents to monitor their children's activities so they don't fall into negative things.

"Use social media wisely so that it is not used for bad things," he said.

Previously, it was reported that Bagus Prasetyo, a resident of Plantaran, South Kaliwungu, was found lying with sharp weapons stab wounds to his back and head. Bagus's bloodied body became a spectacle for the residents of Krajan Village, Plantaran Village, South Kaliwungu District, Kendal, Sunday, August 14.

Afdhol Latif, a colleague of the victim, explained that he was called by the victim to come to the location and asked to take him to the hospital. When he arrived at the scene, the victim was seen lying with severe injuries and unconscious.

"At that time I was at home and there was a call and said to come here immediately," Afdhol said when asked by officers.

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